Fujitsu Computing as a Service (CaaS)

Delivering customers access to world-leading computing technologies via the public cloud

Fujitsu Uvance, a brand to respond to social issues, and
CaaS, a cloud services portfolio to support the brand

Fujitsu provides a new service portfolio “Fujitsu Computing as a Service (CaaS)” to enable a combination of advanced computing technologies like Digital Annealer, AI, and software applications with Fujitsu's accumulated knowledge.

Fujitsu CaaS accelerates the growth of Fujitsu’s Uvance brand to realize a sustainable world and creates new value with worldwide customers by easily accessing the latest technologies.

Fujitsu CaaS solves issues with advanced computing, making it possible to:

  1. Lead to completely new discoveries and ideas.
  2. Dramatically improve and optimize complicated business operations.
  3. Realize security and flexibility at the same time.
  • Drug Discovery/Materials Informatics

    Fujitsu CaaS provides the ability to predict the structure of middle-molecule drug candidate compounds and molecular crystals, leading to the acceleration of new material and new drug development, such as COVID-19 cures.

  • Logistics

    Fujitsu CaaS creates an optimal delivery plan in a short period of time from a number of channel combinations consisting of suppliers, transit warehouses, and retailers, and drastically optimizes distribution costs including the number of trucks, truck loading efficiency, and total mileage.

  • Data security

    Our CaaS ensures data security and authentication in various situations among companies and individuals by exchanging data as electronic credentials and managing and utilizing these trails as tamper-proof evidence.

Usage example of Fujitsu CaaS

Through Fujitsu CaaS (HPC × Digital Annealer × AI), we can expand the potential approach of drug and new material discovery and development and work with you to realize innovations that lead to solving social issues.

What is Fujitsu CaaS?

  • Advanced Computing

    Fujitsu CaaS provides a cloud services platform that seamlessly integrates advanced computing technologies. We offer cutting-edge supercomputer utilizing technology from the supercomputer Fugaku and Quantum-inspired technology Digital Annealer to solve combinatorial optimization problems at high speed.

  • Technical consulting

    Our technical team can help you with pre-deployment validation, optimizing and accelerating the best environment for your application, so that anyone can use advanced computing technologies to realize your DX.

  • Secure data exchange

    With trust technology, Fujitsu CaaS provides advanced information security to ensure data sharing security and data authenticity between different systems and services. In addition, it offers other services, such as the unique functions of electronic credentials, distributed data linkage, and hash chain ledgers, enabling authentication for people and companies in digital transactions, as well as safe, secure, and free data exchange and utilization.

The technology underlying Fujitsu CaaS

  • High-speed simulation

    • Accelerates research and development, including manufacturing design and new material development.
    • Greatly reduce the trial-and-error process of development with a variety of simulations, including but not limited to fluid flow and structural analysis.
  • Provides quick solutions to combinatorial optimization problems

    • Discovers optimal combination from all available options under certain constraints.
    • Solves combinatorial optimization problems at high speed in various scenarios such as delivery planning, production planning, drug discovery, and materials informatics.
  • Learning-based prediction

    • Makes it possible to build an AI system that returns an expert-level answer based on massive amounts of learned data.
    • Enables complex and varied image analysis, such as object recognition and human behavior recognition.

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