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Advancing social development with secure and intelligent next-generation network technology

In order to process huge amounts of data in real time, we need a dramatic evolution in network technology as a core social infrastructure. Fujitsu is integrating AI into network technology, developing base station software that enables power saving control through multi-agent reinforcement learning and the SMO - Service Management and Orchestration platform. We have also developed a 1.2 Tbps high-capacity optical transmission system, called 1Finity. We are committed to realizing a new future in the 6G era.


Fujitsu is advancing its R&D efforts to realize an ICT infrastructure for the 6G era capable of processing massive volume data at high speed, as well as providing high-capacity, massive connectivity to synchronize both digital and physical space.

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Enterprise 5G

Fujitsu Enterprise 5G (E5G) is designed to enable organizations to transform their business and gain a competitive advantage.
E5G can be fully integrated with existing enterprise networks to help improve organizational competitiveness, streamline workflows, improve situational awareness, and enhance personal productivity.

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5G Networks

Fujitsu's Public and Private 5G Networks solutions provide the logistics and fulfillment expertise needed to ensure the swift, smooth execution of rigorous deployment plans, getting projects completed efficiently, cost-effectively, and securely.

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