Encryption Key Management via the ETERNUS LT tape libraries

The ETERNUS LT140/LT260/LT270 S2 (hereinafter, referred to as "ETERNUS LT") generates and manages data encryption keys within the library without the expense of a backup software license or the need of an additional server for the encryption key management. The optional Key Management Function of the ETERNUS LT enables easy construction of a secure backup system independently of the operating system and backup software, since the tape library will automatically handle encryption.

The Key Management Function uses two types of keys for encryption: the master key and the encryption key. The library software generates a single and unique master key per logical ETERNUS LT.

The tape library automatically creates the encryption key and provides the key to the target tape cartridge. The encryption key is based on the master key and is assigned to each tape cartridge in the tape library. The keys are redundantly stored in a database within the library.
During data backup from a backup server, the tape library automatically assigns an encryption key to the specified data cartridge, encrypts the data (plaintext), and saves the data. The encryption process during this time is invisible to users.

To share data among multiple tape libraries, Fujitsu recommends setting the same master key as the common master key for all existing ETERNUS LT tape libraries within the same data protection environment. The operation with a common master key facilitates and simplifies the use of encrypted tape data among all these tape libraries. ETERNUS LT with different master keys can only read encrypted data cartridges from another ETERNUS LT, if the encryption key had been exported in advance using the encryption key export or import function.

Encrypted/Unencrypted settings can be selected for each tape cartridge and each logical library via the central ETERNUS LT remote management console. The library administrator can ensure the security of the library, without the intervention of the backup operator.

Product Requirements

Supported Tape LibrariesETERNUS LT140
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