LTO Ultrium Format
High reliability based on advanced LTO Ultrium technology

Error Correcting Code (ECC)

High reliability comes from data redundancy. The LTO Ultrium format uses Error Correcting Code (ECC), generated at two levels (C1 and C2), which is added to the data. The data is then recorded on the tapes. This logical format provides quadruple redundancy of data, making it possible to recover data when reading problems occur. Data recovery is possible when lost data is within one track or 32mm of the tape medium.

The number of tracks

The number of tracks is a key determinant of capacity. With this Ultrium 1 tape drive, data is written using 8 heads and each tape is divided into 4 bands. For each band, each head goes forwards and backwards on the tape 6 times, writing 12 tracks (6 in each direction). This means that with 8 heads, 96 tracks are written per data band. And, as there are 4 data bands, 384 tracks can be written in total.

LTO Ultrium Generation1 format

All track list

Number of data bandsNumber of headsNumber of times data is written on each bandAmount of tracks
LTO Ultrium1486 in each direction (12 times)384
LTO Ultrium2488 in each direction (16 times)512
LTO Ultrium34166 forward 5 backward704
LTO Ultrium44167 in each direction (14 times)896
LTO Ultrium541610 in each direction (20 times)1,280
LTO Ultrium641617 in each direction (34 times)2,176
LTO Ultrium743214 in each direction (28 times)3,584
LTO Ultrium843226 in each direction (52 times)6,656

Reduce data read / write errors

To ensure accurate data tracking, technology taken from high-density hard disk drives is used. This system compensates both for tape expansion/contraction and operational vibration. It does this by reading servo information written parallel to the tracks.

Ultrium also provides servo information redundancy by writing the servo information in parallel on both sides of each data track.

Such high-density storage requires high precision engineering. To avoid misreads from even slight deviations in head position resulting from tape drive vibration, the Ultrium drive heads are designed to optimally track the data using smooth moving ceramic bearings.

Product Requirements

Supported Tape LibrariesETERNUS LT20 S2/LT20
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