Path failover - ETERNUS Multipath Driver

In combination with ETERNUS Multipath Driver, ETERNUS AF/ETERNUS DX support high availability by use of multiple paths between a server and an storage. In the event of a path failure, the ETERNUS Multipath Driver software automatically switches paths, ensuring non-stop operation. In addition, the Load Balance feature enables load balancing by distributing the I/O requests evenly across the multiple paths. This results in optimized application response.

  • Benefit

    • Continuous access even during a path failure (automatic failover)
      By connecting multiple paths between servers and storages, a standby path can takeover operation if a failure occurs in the original path.
    • System performance improvement through load balancing
      Bottlenecks can be eliminated by using all available access paths simultaneously. This delivers improved system performance as well as failover capability.

    Product Requirements

    Please refere to the ETERNUS Multipath Driver product requirements for supported storages.

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Further Information

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