Cache data integrity maintenance during power outage - Cache Protector

ETERNUS DX and ETERNUS AF guarantee data security even in cases of cashe failure as cache is redundantly configured and constantly mirrored.
If power supply fails ETERNUS DX/ETERNUS AF automatically evacuates controller cache placing data in nonvolatile memory. An SCU(System Capacity Unit)[1] provides sufficient power to always ensure all data is evacuated successfully. Then the nonvolatile memory protects the data indefinitely.

Importantly, toxic waste is also reduced by the use of permanent SCU in place of periodically replaceable batteries.

  • [1]
    An electrical double layer condenser unit only used for cache data backup. To supply power to devices during a power outage, connection of devices to a UPS (non-stop power device) is required.
  • Benefit

    • Guarantees security of data in cache even in cases of power failure.

    Product Requirements

    Supported StoragesHybrid Storage Systems/
    Disk Storage Systems
    ETERNUS DX100 S3/DX200 S3
    ETERNUS DX60/DX60 S2
    ETERNUS DX80/DX80 S2
    ETERNUS DX90/DX90 S2
    All-Flash ArraysETERNUS AF250
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