Extreme Cache Pool - the Performance Booster

Extreme Cache Pool, the secondary cache built from dedicated drive enclosure based SSDs provides flash-drive class performance for significantly accelerated read access of servers and applications.

Using intelligent algorithms frequently accessed data is detected and automatically placed on fast SSDs – thus avoiding time consuming retrieval from spinning disk.

Extreme Cache Pool offers read performance and latency comparable to all-flash arrays while leveraging the cost advantages of conventional disk arrays. The feature can be activated separately for each volume, helping to achieve an even better cost/benefit ratio.

Extreme Cache Pool


  • Significant improvement of read access IOPS and latency
    • Ideal for near-real-time analystics, high-performance OLTP and small to medium virtual server environments
  • Reduces drive count previously necessary to achieve high performance
    • Saves investment cost
    • Lowers power consumption

Product Requirements

Supported StoragesETERNUS DX100 S5/S4/S3, DX200 S5/S4/S3
ETERNUS DX500 S4/S3, DX600 S4/S3
ETERNUS DX8700 S3, DX8900 S3

Further Information

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