What is digital co-creation?

Digital co-creation happens when multiple perspectives are brought together with digital technology to create transformational outcomes.

Fujitsu's digital co-creation approach brings together an evolving ecosystem of inputs and insights - from customers, end users, research bodies, academia, start-ups and beyond - with a portfolio of Connected Services exploiting the enormous potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud and security.

As a result of digital co-creation, ICT no longer just supports business processes. It is disrupting the core processes themselves - rethinking the possibilities and enabling genuine transformation.

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Disrupting your business

Digital is disrupting all industries.  How can you ensure your business stays ahead of the competition?  Almost 70% of business leaders believe co-creation is key to building the right digital strategy and innovating for the future.  Find out more in our digital transformation research and get advice from Fujitsu's digital experts:

Innovating with our customers

Fujitsu is working with customers around the world to create innovative solutions that drive digital success across all sectors - from creating next-generation retail experience to advancing the quality of medical care. The key is combining our transformation and technology expertise with the knowledge of our customers and partners.


How can Fujitsu help?

In the digital age, you need to implement and integrate digital technologies securely - from mobile devices to IoT solutions and cloud. But how? Take a look at Fujitsu's extensive portfolio of innovative ICT and business solutions and see how we could partner with your business to co-create new value.