Human-Centric Experience Workspace (HX Workspace)

A sustainable digital workplace that works for you and your people

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Over the past years, we have witnessed a massive shift in the ways of working, leaving businesses navigating the complexities of reorienting their operations.

As employee expectations evolve and organizations seek to attract and retain digitally enabled talent, a human-centric approach is essential. As we embrace this opportunity to create a more people-centric and productive work environment, we must remain vigilant amid the challenges posed by the ever-changing landscape

The key to thrive in the long term lies in prioritizing sustainable transformation by making changes that not only prioritize well-being of employees but also actively contribute to fostering a sustainable and more productive world.

Generative AI meets Human Experience

Generative AI is on the rise and it’s not just a fleeting trend – it’s an inflection point. With the power to change our ways of working, it’s paving the future of work and holds the potential to empower your workforce.

Whether you're just starting or already implementing AI, our eBook offers essential insights into AI tools and practical strategies to confidently navigate this evolving landscape. Embrace the future of work with Fujitsu—download the eBook now and start creating frictionless and sustainable work experiences.

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Experience the future of work with HX Workspace

HX Workspace provides a digital work platform focused on the human experience. It empowers businesses by providing the essential tools to redefine their work practices and cultivate highly engaged, resilient, and digitally dexterous workforces.

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Fujitsu Human-Centric Co-design

Putting your people at the center

Co-Design is driven by Fujitsu’s innovative Human-Centric design approach (Fujitsu HXD) built on POLI design principles. It is designed to address complex workplace challenges by placing the emphasis on the individual needs of your people.

Our approach provides a comprehensive assessment that delves into your current experiences and challenges within the framework of your strategic vision. It seeks to understand your challenges from the perspectives of your individual employees to fully define the problem before co-creating the solution with you. Once an outlined solution is defined, it’s validated through prototyping to refine the desired business outcomes are achieved.

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Customer Experience Center

Elevating the workforce experience

The Customer Experience Center serves as your central hub for business support. Providing employees with the advice and guidance they need, whenever and however they choose to work.

Customer Experience Center also acts as your central point of insight into the user experience. Continuously measuring, analysing and enhancing the IT experience, so your people stay engaged and productive.

Workplace Support

IT support tailored to your needs, anytime, anywhere

Fujitsu’s Workplace Support offers a customized IT support experience designed to precisely meet your unique requirements – all coordinated from our global service hubs that operate a follow the sun model to provide you with the support you need, wherever you need it.

  • Fully IT management deployments and strategic IMAC projects
  • Efficient management through a user-friendly web portal
  • Digital environment consultancy and user support
  • Intelligent lockers and vending machines, accessible 24/7
  • End-to-end global supply chain management and inventory solutions

Modern Workplace

The autonomy to work your way

This innovative solution empowers organizations to optimize productivity by giving their workforce the freedom to work flexibly, anywhere and anytime, using the latest available technology

  • Provides flexibility for employees to work from a wide range personal or corporate devices
  • Keeps your people, devices and data secure and up to date through Fujitsu’s Config as Code approach
  • Enables seamless productivity and collaboration across all supported devices
  • Ready to go platform, with in-built automation, best practice security policies and plug-n-play integration into your ecosystem.

Employee Experience as a Service

Create an engaged, resilient, and digitally dexterous workforce

Fujitsu's Employee Experience enables you to ensure your workforce remains engaged, continuously equipped with the latest digital skills, and deeply connected to your organization's purpose and culture—all the while safeguarding their well-being.

Employee experience focuses on driving the adoption of technologies and enhancing work methodologies to achieve tangible business outcomes. By employing persona and journey mapping, we gain profound insights into the complete employee experience and implement targeted improvements. Leveraging end-user analytics, we identify and address digital friction, resulting in an enhanced digital experience for all.

Why Fujitsu

We have approximately 130,000 Fujitsu people supporting customers in over 100 countries

We support more than 3 million workers worldwide and have 8 global delivery centers 24/7 services

We are independently recognized by Gartner as a Magic Quadrant Leader for Outsourced Digital Workplace Services 2023 for Completeness of Vision and Ability to Execute.

Fujitsu driving workplace transformation in the real world

A next-generation workplace for Robeco

Fujitsu has provided Robeco’s users with modern hardware, and a continually updated digital workplace from the based on global standards and the latest Microsoft technology

Enhancing employee experience with Centrica

By integrating a virtual assistant and proactive self-healing service, colleagues can swiftly and efficiently resolve IT issues, significantly enhancing frontline agents' productivity and efficiency.

Driving digital inclusion in the Australia Post

With the incorporation of eight service center workers, Australia Post has achieved meaningful social impact and actively promoted digital inclusion among its workforce.