Fujitsu Technical ReviewNo.22020

ISSN 2435-6662

Special Feature: Data Utilization Technologies toward a Data-driven Society
—Bringing About a Quantum Leap in Prosperity and Achieving Sustainable Growth—

Today, as digitalization accelerates and the global network breaks down existing boundaries between society and business, making optimal use of data and achieving a digital transformation is becoming a major issue in all companies and organizations and in all corners of society. Initiatives such as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Data Free Flow with Trust (DFFT), Society 5.0, and Connected Industries are being undertaken to bring about a quantum leap in prosperity and achieve sustainable growth. Achieving a “data-driven society” is the key to solving this issue and the research and development of data utilization technologies is the driving force behind this pursuit.
This special feature introduces the research and development of data utilization technologies for achieving a data-driven society and Fujitsu Group initiatives for implementing these technologies in society.

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