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Hybrid quantum computing platform

Fujitsu has developed a hybrid quantum computing platform that enables optimal quantum computing by linking a 64-qubit superconducting quantum computer and a 40-qubit quantum simulator.

Current quantum computers have issues such as quantum bit errors, making it difficult to perform accurate calculations over long steps. On the other hand, quantum simulators can perform long-step quantum calculation simulations without error problems, but since they are systems that simulate quantum calculations on conventional computers, they cannot achieve the acceleration of calculations, or so-called quantum acceleration, expected from the realization of quantum computers.

In this platform, the technology "Computing Workload Broker", which is currently under development and enables optimal computing by automatically combining various computing resources and algorithms, is utilized to link quantum computers and quantum simulators, enabling optimal quantum computing.

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Activities in Quantum Computing

Fujitsu is engaged in the research and development of quantum computing as a next-generation computing technology.
It covers all technical areas, from quantum devices to platform software and applications, in the quantum gate system, which is expected to expand the applications. While focusing on software technologies such as error correction and quantum simulators, we are promoting research and development with a structure that pursues a wide range of possibilities in quantum computing while globally collaborating with world-leading research institutions on hardware.

What problems will be solved by quantum computing?

The problems expected to be solved using quantum computing are problems requiring enormous number of calculations with classical computers, such as the ones related to quantum chemistry and complex financial systems.
For example, we should know the energy states of materials accurately using quantum mechanics in order to predict properties of new materials. Such precise calculations using quantum mechanical principles are difficult with classical computers. Quantum computing is expected to solve such problems.
Prediction of prices of financial products is also difficult in general. New algorithms for such a problem using quantum computing have recently been developed and demonstrated.
Furthermore, by simulating complex quantum-based systems using quantum computing, novel phenomena and/or principles may be discovered.

Discovery of new materials and drugs

Prediction of trends in finance and economy

Discovery of new physical principles

Technologies at Fujitsu Quantum

R&D Strategy at Fujitsu Quantum

Fujitsu, together with some of the world's leading research institutes, globally promotes R&D in all technology layers from quantum devices to basic software and applications. While we focus on software technology, we pursue a wide range of possibilities for hardware because the final solution for hardware technology has not yet been determined. We are using quantum simulators to develop applications with end users from an early stage.

R&D of Quantum Software

The ultimate goal is to develop applications of quantum computing, but the key is error mitigation and correction technologies for implementing quantum algorithms. This section introduces quantum software technologies developed by global collaborations.

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R&D of Quantum Hardware

Various quantum computing hardware technologies have been proposed, and the final solution has not yet been clear, so we pursue a wide range of possibilities for quantum computing hardware. Research and development of superconducting and diamond-spin technologies are introduced.

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Fujitsu Quantum-Inspired Technology

It is expected to take time to apply quantum computing to practical problems. Here we introduce Fujitsu Digital Annealer, a Quantum-Inspired technology currently available that specializes in combinatorial optimization problems.

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R&D Roadmap

R&D of Quantum Applications

Accelerating R&D of quantum applications by the use of Fujitsu Quantum Simulator

Fujitsu accelerates the development of quantum applications by using quantum computer simulators. We have started research collaborations in various areas such as materials, manufacturing, and financing. We have already started collaborations with end-user companies including FUJIFILM Corporation.
We have also started a collaboration with QunaSys. We are going to implement its software for quantum chemistry on our simulators for high-speed calculations. We are using an actual quantum computer which is developed at RIKEN RQC-Fujitsu Collaboration Center.

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