Endorsements from companies, universities, and organizations around the world.


Jun Inoue, CEO of Amadeus Code Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan):

“The protection of personal information and copyrights has become an increasingly important issue with the development of AI technology. We believe that the ability to implement a PoC using in-house data on a domestic platform is an epoch-making move that will significantly lower the hurdles for companies that are concerned about the safety of AI technology. As a developer and operator of AI-powered music composing services, we are excited to use the new platform to provide a better composition environment for users around the world.”

Guðbjörg Rist, CEO of Atmonia ehf. (Headquarters: Reykjavík, Iceland):

“Atmonia is an Icelandic tech startup developing a sustainable process for ammonia production with a mission is to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions with new technologies in the field of ammonia and nitrate production. By combining Atmonia’s domain knowledge and Fujitsu technologies including Causal Discovery AI, part of Fujitsu AI Innovation Platform “Kozuchi”, the two companies are accelerating the discovery of novel new catalysts for ammonia synthesis.”

Kenji Oyama, Representative Director, President and CEO of Broadleaf Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan):

“Our company provides cloud services to customers in the mobility industry via our ‘Broadleaf Cloud Platform.’ We have also developed and provided work analysis software "OTRS" to support DX for on-site improvement in the manufacturing sector.
We have been engaged in co-creation activities with Fujitsu for two years and have now been able to launch “OTRS + AI,” which combines OTRS with Fujitsu's AI for behavioral analysis. We hope that the “Fujitsu Kozuchi (code name) - Fujitsu AI Platform” will help to increase such co-creation projects and support customers in their business."

Sunil Mirapuri, CEO of Cloudy Soft (Headquarters: California, USA):

“Cloudy Soft endorses the Fujitsu AI Platform for prototyping of suspicious behavior detection with built-in fairness assessment. This platform sped up Cloudy Soft’s AI development for creating and deploying an AI solution in a couple weeks, instead of months. The Core Engine's modular architecture allowed us to customize requirements -- we will use it for various use cases in the future. Fujitsu’s AI Ethics Engine evaluated fairness across various attributes to mitigate biases proactively. Cloudy Soft recommends this platform to any developer building a large-scale enterprise-class AI system.”

Takeshi Osoekawa, Fellow at Code for Japan (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan):

“There is an increasing demand for AI in the civic tech sector. There are only few cases in which prefabricated AI solutions can be successfully applied to solve challenges of civic tech companies, and it is important to cooperate and co-create with stakeholders when creating new solutions. We are happy to see Fujitsu’s new platform that focuses on co-creation to offer users more options for AI and are excited about how these solutions will be applied.”

Marc Rouanne, EVP & chief network officer of DISH Wireless (Headquarters: Colorado,USA):

"DISH Wireless is partnering with Fujitsu to provide enhanced AI services to our clients and expand joint solutions leveraging the Fujitsu AI platform Kozuchi.”

Aki Ohashi, Vice President of Evolution (Headquarters: California, USA):

“Globally, Fujitsu has many researchers conducting cutting edge research across many disciplines including AI, machine learning, quantum computing, security, computer vision, supercomputing, and more. Fujitsu Kozuchi will give third-parties unprecedented access to some of the most advanced of these technologies. Startups and large corporations alike, will be able to experiment and develop their own applications, as well as utilize the many Innovation Components prepared by Fujitsu through years of working closely with customers across many industries. I am extremely interested to see the disruptive applications that come out of this effort.”

Mikihiro Yasuda, Founding Partner at Hike Ventures, LLC (Headquarters: California, USA):

“As an investor in Applied AI startups, I am thrilled to see the growing interest in AI. With businesses and consumers alike looking for better experiences, startups have a unique opportunity to leverage AI to create a competitive advantage. By collaborating with outside services and technologies, startups can accelerate their product development, which is why I am particularly excited about Fujitsu’s release of Kozuchi. With Kozuchi’s AI core engine and computing platform, startups will be able to improve their productivity, create better customer experiences, and ultimately, build more successful businesses. The future is bright for startups that are embracing AI, and I am eager to continue supporting these innovative companies on their journey to success.”

Professor Okuno Yasushi, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University (Kyoto Prefecture, Japan):

“The progress of AI technology in recent years has been remarkable. To continuously make use of the latest technology, it is not enough to only introduce individual AI products, and it is an important step to offer a platform for a fast and easy implementation of various latest AI technologies. We anticipate that Fujitsu’s AI Platform Fujitsu Kozuchi will play a significant role in driving DX in drug discovery and medical care.”

Lorenzo Speranzoni, Founder, CEO of LARUS Business Automation S.r.l. (Headquarters: Venice, Italy):

“Larus has been collaborating closely with Fujitsu to accelerate the adoption of explainable graph AI solutions to our customers across several industry verticals. Our flagship Galileo.XAI offering, which is powered by Fujitsu Deep Tensor™ AI engine, uses graphs as an input for AI algorithms and makes predictions by analyzing relationships in the data leading to operational and business efficiencies. We plan to build on our partnership by working with Fujitsu to adopt the AI Innovation Platform “Kozuchi” to deliver new AI products and services.”

Iru Wang, COO & Co-founder of MoBagel Inc. (Headquarters: Santa Clara, California, USA):

“MoBagel is a key vendor of a no-code AI/ML platform, as recognized by Gartner in 2020, 2021, and 2022. Decanter AI, the no-code AI/ML platform, empowers data scientists and domain experts to design and build AI solutions together. MoBagel has partnered with Fujitsu around AutoML technologies and looks forward to expanding the joint solution footprint by leveraging Fujitsu AI Platform “Kozuchi” to offer enhanced AI offerings to our customers.”

Gaku Ueda, CEO of MODE, Inc. (Headquarters: San Mateo, California, USA):

“With the philosophy of eliminating the "unknown" from the world through data utilization, we provide IoT solutions that accelerate DX in the field. We aim to improve customers’ efficiency of operations by using IoT technology to collect and analyze data from work sites. As a partner company of Fujitsu, we will conduct joint PoCs with customers in various industries leveraging the cutting-edge AI technologies of Fujitsu Kozuchi to accelerate the resolution of societal and business issues using AI.”

Junichi Tsujii, Chairman of the Fujitsu Group External Advisory Committee on AI Ethics (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, AIST):

“Fujitsu’s new platform is not only providing AI tools, it is also representing an epoch-making effort to build collective knowledge of AI by integrating and inheriting social implementation of AI technology and good practice of AI ethics.
AI will change the way people work and the nature of society. In order to implement AI in society, it is essential to build social consensus by integrating the expertise of not only AI engineers, but also those who use the technology, and those who benefit from it and are affected by it. We anticipate that the new platform will contribute to the realization of highly transparent development processes and help to share AI technology and knowledge toward its practical application.”

Hemant Thapar, Co-Founder and CEO of OmniTier Inc. (Headquarters: California, USA):

“As founder of a biotechnology startup, I am excited to see the launch of Fujitsu’s innovative AI platform which, at its launch, appears flexible and versatile, enabling users to combine the benefits of Fujitsu’s cutting-edge AI technologies with other broadly available AI technologies. With its initial focus on “smart” applications, this platform is set to revolutionize the way we work, live, and conduct business. Looking to the future, AI is much needed in healthcare and healthy living. Biological laws are the most complex and least understood today. AI can help change all that! It can enable the timely creation of more accurate patient diagnostics and therapy profiles based on highly complex genetic information and medical history, to enable doctors to usher in the Holy Grail of healthcare, namely, Personalized Medicine at an affordable cost.”

Moriyoshi Koizumi, CEO of Open Collector, Inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan):

“It was a great pleasure to take part in the Kozuchi project and we were longing for the moment to make it known to the people. As artificial intelligence means even more to our lives, the agenda is how to spread the value of AI to every inch of the world. We are more than confident that Fujitsu Kozuchi will contribute to the challenge, and bring wonders and joy to our future.”

Hiroya Momikura, Representative Director of Pocket RD Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuyaku, Tokyo):

“PocketRD is an XR/NFT Business Backend as a Service (BaaS) vendor that paves the way for Web3 worldwide with state-of-the-art avatar and blockchain technology. Avatars and AI work well together, and by combining Fujitsu's AI technology with our company's avatar technology, we will be able to provide more attractive avatars to our users. We are excited to use Fujitsu’s AI Innovation Platform ‘Kozuchi’ to make the avatar business more exciting, and create ‘a future that does not exist here’.”

Akira Ishii, President and CEO of REMOW Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan):

“Our company is involved in the global planning, production, procuring, and distribution of Japanese animation and movie contents. For us, the new platform will significantly contribute to the development of anti-piracy technology for copyright protection, and generative AI will help us to optimize studio work. We also believe that AI trust technology will help to ensure the authenticity of contents and will be the driving force behind the creation of high-quality works for the realization of the creator economy.”

Tamotsu Aoki, Director of RETAIL PARTNERS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hofu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan):

“We are excited about the launch of Fujitsu’s AI platform “Fujitsu Kozuchi.” Marukyu Co., Ltd., one of our subsidiaries, has been conducting verification trials on purchasing behavior analysis together with Fujitsu, and has clarified the effects of retail media by visualizing behaviors including "stop by," "see," "pick up," and "buy." We were happy to hear that Fujitsu was awarded the "Best Oral Paper Award" by the Japan Marketing Academy for the presentation of its first verification results. The second demonstration trials started this spring. We are expecting manufacturers, advertising agencies, and several other companies to participate in the trials and anticipate that this global academic research will become more practicable and produce results that lead to double-digit sales increases.
We are convinced that, with the help of Fujitsu Kozuchi, these ongoing studies will further drive the application of advanced AI technologies in the retail industry and contribute to the realization of smart stores that provide rich customer experiences.”

Masayuki Kimura, Founder of SUKIYAKI (Headquarters: California, USA):

“In an environment where Generative AI is booming at its peak, companies are faced with the unprecedented challenges of how to harness the power of this new type of AI in the right way. Companies need to proceed with appropriate transformation and technology adoption while maximizing their value and taking social responsibilities such as being aware of information confidentiality, ethics, and human rights. I hope Kozuchi will be the nextgeneration collaboration platform that solves customers' challenges in the right way with the power of Fujitsu's cutting-edge technology components and state-of-the-art AI technologies developed by the global AI community.”

Noriaki Fukuyasu, VP of Japan Operations at The Linux Foundation (Headquarters: San Francisco, CA, USA):

“OSS accounts for the vast majority (70% -90%) of today's IT services and software products. Kubernetes and PyTorch are both released as OSS, reflecting the recent trend in the tech industry to open up the in-house technology as open source in order to create a larger ecosystem around it to further advance the technology and expand business opportunities. Fujitsu’s endeavor to develop a new platform for open AI and its decision to work with the OSS ecosystem such as organizations like the Linux Foundation is in line with this trend. We, the Linux Foundation, will support Fujitsu in the best possible way.”

Dr. Satoru Miyano, Specially Appointed Professor and Director at M&D Data Science Center, Tokyo Medical and Dental University (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan):

“Innovation is a process where people start to move toward an efficient and productive world, and away from the constraints of the past. Fujitsu’s new platform is a key element for innovation. The platform offers Fujitsu's advanced AI technologies, AI solutions of partner companies and OSS. The new platform will help to realize new business solutions and methods that are beyond imagination.”

Mikael Munck, CEO and Founder of 2021.AI (Headquarters: Copenhagen, Denmark):

“Since the birth of AI, and especially since the release of ChatGPT, the need for AI governance has increased, and it is absolutely necessary that organizations utilizing AI have access to responsible AI frameworks. As part of our work with the EU on the Ethics Guidelines for Trusted AI, we have cooperated with AI regulators and industry leaders like Fujitsu to understand the highest necessary level of compliance and have created a platform for trustworthy AI.
2021.AI is excited to continue cooperation with Fujitsu to build trust in AI globally. By providing the AI platform “GRACE” we are making AI governance accessible to customers.”

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