Fujitsu Kozuchi

World-class AI solutions for immediate business results

What is Fujitsu Kozuchi?

Fujitsu Kozuchi is a cloud-based AI platform that enhances the productivity and creativity of your business and supports Sustainability Transformation (SX).

The platform allows rapid development, testing, and implementation across seven AI areas, including unique technologies for the fairness and explainabilty of AI, which can help deliver immediate results for your business.

Why Fujitsu’s AI

Fujitsu’s unique generative AI and combination of AI and computational technologies to accelerate customer AI adoption

Unique generative AI and trust technologies

Fujitsu's own specialized generative AI to support business, and generative AI trust using hallucination suppression and proprietary knowledge graph technology

Fusing world-class
AI × computing technologies

Fusion of world-class AI, such as human sensing / causal discovery, with Fujitsu's world-leading supercomputers and quantum computers

7,000+ AI delivery cases

Grasping customers 'core business challenges and deploying AI solutions in various industries worldwide for over 30 years

7 AI areas

Fujitsu Kozuchi Generative AI

Generative AI serves as an interface between computer systems and humans for natural language and unstructured data, enhancing human productivity and creativity. It is provided with hallucination measures in a safe environment for companies without information leakage.

Fujitsu Kozuchi AutoML

It enables automatic design, construction, and adjustment of AI models even for non-data scientists. With our unique AutoML technology, high-accuracy machine learning models can be generated in a short time. Also, when you input business issues in natural language, it automatically converts them into appropriate mathematical expressions and provides a function to automatically generate AI specialized for customer business.

Fujitsu Kozuchi Predictive Analytics

It enables more accurate future predictions using various data. Using dynamic ensemble models, it performs stable and high-accuracy demand forecasting tailored to the changing characteristics of various products and automatic tuning without human intervention.

Fujitsu Kozuchi for Text

It processes and analyzes text that has been digitized through natural language processing technology.

Fujitsu Kozuchi for Vision

It can convert information input from optical devices, such as human and object postures, shapes, movements, and character recognition, into digital form and make analyses and judgments. With about 100 pre-trained basic action models and behavior recognition rules created with a no-code UI, it can easily recognize complex human behaviors.

Fujitsu Kozuchi AI Trust

You can verify the fairness of AI's learning data and judgments with simple operations from a web browser. We support the implementation of AI in systems for 'AI Ethics', 'AI Quality', and 'AI Security', as well as improving user-side AI literacy in terms of 'accuracy', 'fairness', 'copyright infringement', 'information management', and 'misuse’.

Fujitsu Kozuchi XAI

It can explain the causal relationships in the results output by AI. By exhaustively verifying all possibilities for table data, presenting explanations for judgment results and on-site improvement actions, and comprehensively calculating causal relationships under all conditions from vast amounts of data, we ensure that no useful causal relationships are overlooked.


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      Fujitsu Kozuchi is a brand of AI technologies developed by Fujitsu.
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      The word is from Japanese word “Uchide No Kozuchi” meaning "magic hammer" that can "tap out" anything wished for.
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      Fujitsu Kozuchi consists of seven areas of AI, “Fujitsu Kozuchi Generative AI”, “Fujitsu Kozuchi AutoML”, “Fujitsu Kozuchi Predictive Analytics”, “Fujitsu Kozuchi for Vision”, “Fujitsu Kozuchi for Text”, “Fujitsu Kozuchi AI Trust”, and “Fujitsu Kozuchi XAI.”
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      AI technologies included in Fujitsu Kozuchi are either embedded to each Uvance vertical offering, hosted on DI PaaS, or provided with standalone bare product with professional service. Please contact us for details.

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