Technology introduction

This page introduces the technology of the laboratory.

List of technology introduction sites

Hello, Wide Learning!

This site is intended to provide an experience of Wide Learning™, XAI (Explainable AI) developed by Fujitsu Laboratories, and to make it widely adopted by many users.

Digital Annealer!

Digital Annealer™ which can solve combinatorial optimization problems rapidly is an emerging technology developed by us at Fujitsu Research. We hope you can deepen your understanding of our technology, which has unlimited potential, and that our technology will help you solve your challenges.

Dracena Stream Data Processing Architectur

Dracena is an architecture that makes it possible to grasp the real world situation by analyzing and processing in real time huge volumes of data received at high frequency from a large number of IoT devices and then provide the optimum services based on that situation.

Fujitsu’s TDA Technologies

Welcome to Fujitsu’s TDA Technologies!! In this page, we introduce our new technology based on topological data analysis (TDA) for analysing complex time series data.

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