Scikit-learn DevSprint Japan 2021 Autumn

Call for Participation

November 24, 2021


Fujitsu Research has joined the Scikit-learn Consortium in 2019 to support Scikit-learn, the world's largest open source library in the AI field, and is contributing to the sustainable development of the open source community.
In collaboration with the Scikit-learn Consortium, and following the successful DevSprint in May 2021 , a scikit-learn DevSprint Japan will be held from December 15th (Wednesday) to December 17th (Friday), for which we are looking for participants (this time only in Japanese, though!).
Along with DevSprint Japan, we will also give a tutorial on Scikit-learn and the Wide Learning technology developed by Fujitsu Research.

Details of the Scikit-learn DevSprint Japan

・Dates: December 15, 2021(Wed) to December 17, 2021 (Fri)
     Dec 15 (Wed) 10:00-11:00 About Fujitsu AI research
            11:00-12:00 Wide Learning
            14:00-16:00 Scikit-learn Tutorial and Development setup
            16:00-18:00 DevSprint
     Dec 16 (Thu) 10:00-18:00 DevSprint (may be extended depending on development status)
     Dec 17 (Fri) 10:00-18:00 DevSprint (may be extended depending on development status)
・Participation method: online
・Language: Japanese (English only for communication with Scikit-learn core developers)
・Participation fee: Free (pre-registration required)
・Registration site: Please register from here
・Requirements: Preparation of PC with Python installed

A Development Sprint is an event that focuses on adding new features to and fixing bugs in Scikit-learn. Previous DevSprints have been held mainly in Europe, but this time it will be held as 2nd DevSprint Japan in Japanese for Japanese developers, co-sponsored by the Scikit-learn Consortium. In this DevSprint, not only can everyone solve some of the issues of Scikit-learn, but also for those who have never used Scikit-learn, we will help you get started with contributing to an open source project. In addition, the core developers of Scikit-learn will participate in the DevSprint Japan, and while communicating with them, we will work on extending and improving Scikit-learn!

We look forward to your participation!
Fujitsu will continue to deepen cooperation with the scikit-learn Consortium and strive to popularize AI technology.

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