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The Fujitsu Group aims to enrich and continuously improve our positive health culture where our employees can work to their full potential, both in mind and body.
We value the importance of our people, and will strive to enable them to succeed in their own personal development and growth.


Enabling success in personal development and growth

Fujitsu Group aims to achieve at least 70%, in favorable answers to “Growth” question of Engagement Survey by FY2022


Fujitsu significantly revised its policies on human resource development starting in FY 2020, and made a shift in direction. Instead of providing employee training that is the same across the board, the company will support the learning and growth of each individual employee. We aim to become a company where each employee thinks that working at Fujitsu, more than anywhere else, will enable them to experience growth. We provide support for diverse personnel with their own passions so they can learn, grow and find the careers they want to pursue. As a company, we are expanding opportunities for employees to learn and make career choices, establishing systems and mechanisms which make use of those opportunities, and systematically supporting the growth of each employee, including management, in accordance with their individual characteristics.

Structure and Periodic Review

Fujitsu has established a Group-Wide Talent Strategy Committee comprised mainly of executives at the management level and above. The committee meets twice a year to discuss the Fujitsu vision and human resources strategy for achieving our business strategy. As a measure for reflecting the voices of our employees, in addition to conducting an annual global opinion survey of our employees, we regularly conduct pulse surveys, questionnaire surveys and other measures, just to hear what they have to say on a more frequent basis. The Human Resources Development Unit considers and implements priority measures that take both the policies of the Group-Wide Talent Strategy Committee and employee feedback into account, along with training business leaders. The Human Resources Development Unit in each division acts as the primary reviewer of the skills and professional training that need to be enhanced based on each division’s strategy and business needs, and serves as the lead for the promotion of cross-functional human resources development for each job category.

Trainings are mainly delivered by the group company Fujitsu Learning Media Limited, which specializes in learning and development.

Human Resources Development Framework

Fujitsu and domestic group companies have revamped their training and development framework with the aim of enabling each and every one of our diverse employees to learn and grow in accordance with their own career aspirations and strengths, and allowing them to choose what they want to learn, whenever and wherever they want. In the past, we provided a uniform mandatory training program for all levels of employees, but we have essentially eliminated the mandatory training program in favor of a system in which employees can choose from a variety of training programs according to their own characteristics and job goals. However, we do ask employees to take the prescribed courses in the Career Ownership Program, which forms the basis for autonomous learning and growth, and in the knowledge and perspectives that are important for a Fujitsu person.

Human Resource Development Framework

Supporting the Growth of Diverse Individuals

Since April 2020, we have offered a platform to support the learning and growth of each and every one of our diverse employees at all times, no matter where they are, for employees at Fujitsu and domestic group companies. The content is constantly updated with a wide variety of internal and external information and courses. For example, the "Edge Talk" videos feature stories of practical knowledge shared by personnel who are experts in specific fields at Fujitsu and domestic group companies, and promote internal company learning which transcends organizational boundaries, where employees learn from each other. It also includes content and job recommendations based on individual attributes and career goals, as well as a function to display data on learning to supervisors and the individual, to create an environment which makes it easy for employees to plan what they want to learn for their careers and jobs and for supervisors to support their subordinates based on their areas of interest.

Developing Business Leaders

GKI President SessionsGKI President Sessions

From the perspective of employees’ medium- to long-term growth, Fujitsu has a structure for young to middle-class employees with high potential that allows them to demonstrate their own leadership and aim for further growth. In particular, in order to cultivate leaders capable of creating innovation, we carry out practical programs which draw future scenarios, involve diverse human resources, and enhance their ability to envision new business models and ecosystems. In addition, the Global Knowledge Institute (GKI), our flagship institute for training the next generation of business leaders, has produced more than 400 graduates since its establishment in 2000, including our current President, Mr. Tokita, and continues to produce management leaders who are active on the global stage.

Developing Digital Talent

In order to implement reforms for turning Fujitsu into a digital transformation (DX) company, we are strengthening our support for all employees of Fujitsu and domestic group companies to acquire knowledge and skills related to DX and the latest technologies. We have developed DX human resources development systems to serve as guidelines for all employees, and we offer numerous courses on DX literacy, technology, and industry business knowledge for each role in order to help employees acquire the DX skills they need most for their jobs. We place an emphasis on speedy business impact. Not only do we work with the Human Resources Development Unit, we also work with people in the field to identify development skills and develop courses so that employees can acquire skills which can be applied and reflected in business operations the same day they are acquired. Notably, design thinking is positioned as a component of DX literacy, and is used to establish skills and behaviors to provide support for our customers' businesses and to innovate within Fujitsu.

Developing Professional Human Resources

Fujitsu and domestic group companies are carrying out human resources development at each department with an emphasis on specialization closer to their respective fields.

For details on human resources development at each department, please refer to the following URL.

Career Design Support

Fujitsu fosters a rewarding workplace culture that values careers. At the same time, we support each employee's autonomous career development. In addition to the Career Ownership Program and career counseling that are attuned to employees' aspirations, we are expanding opportunities for career choices, including an internal posting system and career support for senior-level personnel. From FY 2020, we are significantly expanding our posting system to make open positions available to the entire Fujitsu Group, enabling all Fujitsu Group employees to take up the challenge and apply for these positions. In this way, employees can autonomously think about the career plans they want to achieve and aim for transfers and promotions of their own choosing. Through one-on-one dialogue, supervisors provide specific advice and support to their subordinates, based on their career aspirations and characteristics. Through these efforts, we aim to increase the mobility and diversity of our human resources, and ensure that the right people are in the right places.

FY 2019 Performance

  • Average Annual Hours Spent Learning and Annual Cost of Learning Per Employee (FY 2018; tabulated in October every year)
 ManagersRegular EmployeesTotal Average
Average Annual Hours Spent Learning34.8 hours49.4 hours45.3 hours
Annual Cost of Learning61,100 yen91,300 yen82,300 yen
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