Activities delivering social value

Contributing to Local Communities through Sports

Para-sport workshopPara-sport workshop

The Fujitsu Group have held a variety of events at its five plants and offices in Japan for local residents, employees and their families as part of its community contribution activities.

Under the program, Fujitsu employees participate in hands-on sports events for "health promotion" and "Improving children's athletic ability".

In the upcoming year, to build momentum for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Group hosted events with Olympians affiliated with Fujitsu, and parasport workshops, inviting para-athlete teams from around respective regions.

In addition to sponsoring the Tokyo 2020 Games, Fujitsu is sponsoring Japanese Para-sports Association, Japan Para Athletics, and Japanese Para-swimming Federation, thus contributing to further the understanding of para sports and the increase of participation.

Support for watching sports through barrier-free maps

At the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan, Fujitsu distributed a "barrier-free" map that visualized the route and potential barriers in the city to enable people with mobility disabilities and elderly people to travel easily to the stadiums.

As one of the organizers of the All Japan Business Committee for Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020(*1), Fujitsu created this barrier-free map in collaboration with local communities, business circles, local governments, and students in order to support a society where everyone can live comfortably. A total of 200,000 copies were distributed to all 12 stadiums, as well as to major transportation facilities such as Narita Airport, contributing to the accessibility of a tournament that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Fujitsu will continue these activities at the venues of the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Games to foster the momentum for the Games, helping to create a society in which everyone can live in harmony.

  • (*1)
    The All Japan Business Committee for Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020
    This committee was established by the three economic organizations (Nippon Keidanren (Japan Business Federation), The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Keizai Doyukai (Japan Association of Corporate Executives)) as a parent organization to foster momentum for the Tokyo 2020 Games and create legacies in the business world.
Scene of the field survey
Scene of the field survey
Barrier-free map
Barrier-free map
Scene of the distribution
Scene of the distribution

Preservation of Indigenous Knowledge and Culture (Australia)

Scanning process for the digital libraryScanning process for the digital library

Fujitsu Australia supports Bawurra Foundation which works with many Indigenous communities and Elders to preserve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge and culture. This includes digitally preserving artefacts such as maps, photos, letters and news clippings.

In 2019, Fujitsu provided the foundation for this digital initiative, with our ScanSnap technology, hosted in our cloud. Fujitsu ScanSnap allows volunteers and community members to scan multiple items at once at very high quality, preserving these as part of the Bawurra Digital library. The library has reached over 1,300 students in 12 remote communities within Australia. The success of the Bawurra Foundation project encourages active learning to share knowledge of First Nations’ cultural values, practices and philosophies.

Social contribution activities related to the environment

The Fujitsu Group has set out our Purpose to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation.

For this purpose, each employee works to make a positive impact on society through our businesses and life.

Support for Damage from Natural Disasters

The Fujitsu Group is carrying out donation and contribution campaigns in order to assist with efforts to recover from the damage caused by natural disasters.

For examples of overseas cases where we donated and contributed to support natural disaster recovery, please see below (cases in Japan are covered on our Japanese website)

  • FY2019
    • Fujitsu donated food, and hygenic materials for the affected families of the fires that occurred in the Philippines where 1,000 families were effected.
  • FY2018
    • Fujitsu responded to Hurricane Florence which caused extensive damage in the southern part of the U.S, by raising money to donate to the Red Cross.
    • Fujitsu fundraised and matched employee donations for the devastating California wildfires. Fujitsu worked with Australia Post to quickly restore essential services after flooding in Townsville, Queensland (More information is available here)
  • FY2017
    • Fujitsu promoted initiatives to collect and deliver goods for firefighters combatting the Wildfires in Portugal
    • Fujitsu donated food and personal care products as relief for Costa Rica's Hurricane
  • FY2016
    • Fujitsu fundraised and matched employee contributions in support of Italy earthquake victims

See here for the Great East Japan earthquake disaster recovery and reconstruction support activities. (Only in Japanese)

Contributing to Society through Sports

The Fujitsu Group promotes sports as a building block of a strong society. Company sports encompass the track and field team, the Frontiers American football team, and the RedWave women's basketball team. These organizations share the thrill of sports while building a more prosperous society and contributing to promoting the mental and physical health of people.

We also cosponsor sports and promote initiatives to promote barrier-free minds through sports.

  • See here for our sponsorship and contributions to sports. (Only in Japanese)
  • See here for the barrier-free activities of the mind through sports. (Only in Japanese)

Donation Activities

Activities that Contribute to Society by Group Employees (Japan)

Employees of Fujitsu Group companies voluntarily participate in everyday social contribution activities, such as collecting used stamps, prepaid cards, books, and CDs and donating the proceeds to polio vaccine or seedling planting projects.

Employees participate in the "sutenai seikatsu", or waste free lifestyle, activities. "Sutenai seikatsu" activities are intended to support Shapla Neer (Citizen's Committee in Japan for Overseas Support), an international NGO engaged in volunteer activities, by donating the sales of used books and DVDs collected from employees.

Cultural and Sponsorship Activities

Fujitsu Group donated to Okinawa prefecture in Japan for the restoration of Shurijo Castle, the world heritage site which was ravaged by fire, in October 2019.(Link in Japanese

See here for other cases of Fujitsu's cultural and sponsorship activities. (Only in Japanese)

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