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SDG Communities|絆 (Fujitsu Global)

An overview of community activities around the worldAn overview of community activities around the world

SDG Communities|絆 is a project that aims to bring Fujitsu employees together to form global virtual communities focused on implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations. When the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 impeded traditional forms of communication and resulted in the switch to teleworking, Fujitsu created new communities to promote the Fujitsu Way through SDGs. Employees can use the company’s internal social media services to choose their own SDGs and start collaborating with other Fujitsu employees around the world who share the same objectives, thereby boosting their sense of organizational identity. The aim of participation and activity in SDG Communities|絆 is to embed the core values of the SDGs into the Fujitsu culture, as we work to make the world more sustainable and deliver on Fujitsu’s corporate purpose.

Industry-Academia Collaboration to Foster the Development of Female IT Talent:
Launch of an ICT Consortium Targeting Female University Students (Japan)

Students participating in a coding classStudents participating in a coding class

With the aim of fostering female talent to lead the Society 5.0 era, the Fujitsu Group and other member organizations have launched the Women’s University Students ICT-driven Social Innovation Consortium (WUSIC). This is an industry-academia collaboration comprising two universities and three companies (Tsuda University, Japan Women’s University, FJCT, Fujitsu, and Asia). Coding classes for cloud-based smartphone app development are being held along with networking events, and opportunities are being provided to promote the use of the apps and match businesses with university talent. A total of 143 female university students have participated in this program, with approximately 40 sessions being held so far. Fujitsu will continue to support the training of IT talent, fostering the study of coding to enhance ICT literacy and contributing to the development of planning and presentation skills essential for success in business.

Training Environment for Ontenna Programming Provided Free of Charge (Japan)

Fujitsu is working on the development and deployment of Ontenna, a product that enables the hearing impaired to feel sound through vibration and light. Ontenna is a user-interface device that can be worn on the hair, earlobe, collar, cuff, etc., and allows the wearer to pick up tonal characteristics through vibration and light. Ontenna is now provided free of charge to around 80% of schools for the deaf, where it is used in speech and rhythm practice. Fujitsu has also developed a user-programmable application for use in schools for the deaf and other educational institutions around Japan, allowing children to easily customize the intensity of Ontenna’s vibration and the color of the light according to the volume of the sound for the desired reaction. Fujitsu was able to create a high-quality educational solution that could not be achieved simply with conventional ICT education, making it possible for the hearing impaired to experience a new world of sound. Fujitsu is also helping to facilitate an understanding of diversity in society by making it possible for more people to experience Ontenna through free lending and program rental at schools and educational institutions interested in programming training using this device.

Ontenna in useOntenna in use
The vibration intensity and light color can be customizedThe vibration intensity and light color can be customized
The application in use at a school for the deafThe application in use at a school for the deaf

Fujitsu-JAIMS Foundation

Program participantsProgram participants

Transcending borders to create a better future

Fujitsu-JAIMS was established as a non-profit educational foundation in 1972 (the Japan-America Institute of Management Science) , based on the then-President’s mission to “develop talent capable of building a better future”. In the half century since its establishment, JAIMS has been working to develop leaders capable of creating the value required throughout that period.

Since 2012, JAIMS has been a pioneer in fostering leaders capable of pursuing “the betterment of society (the common good)" by offering a training program in the Asia-Pacific region for those with a clear commitment to contributing to the advancement of their own country and their own community. We aim to realize the vision of developing talented people who can create new value for society. In addition to providing full support for operations, funding, etc. at JAIMS, Fujitsu incorporates its practical knowledge, technologies, and expertise into the program activities to further generate beneficial outcomes for society.

See here for information on JAIMS.

Fujitsu Scholarship Program

Fujitsu Scholarship recipientsFujitsu Scholarship recipients

The Fujitsu Scholarship Program was established in 1985 to prepare future business leaders for the task of connecting Japan with the rest of the world.

The scholarship currently offers business people in the Asia-Pacific region the opportunity to participate in Fujitsu-JAIMS Foundation educational programs, with the intention of developing leaders who will have a valuable impact on their own local communities.

Fujitsu contributes to society by providing education rooted in the global community and offering scholarships to those aiming to helping their own country or local community, thereby developing business leaders and promoting cultural exchange and mutual understanding.

See here for information on the Fujitsu Scholarship Program.

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