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UShareSoft, a Fujitsu Company, Announces UForge AppCenter 3.8, Making Hybrid Cloud Application Delivery Easier than Ever

New Features Automate ‘Build to Deploy’ for Immutable Application Delivery

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Grenoble, France, February 08, 2018 - UShareSoft, a Fujitsu company and leader in Hybrid IT application automation, today launches UForge AppCenter 3.8. The new release further simplifies application delivery in hybrid IT environments, letting customers model, build and deploy applications from a single console. It also makes it faster and easier for customers to move workloads between data centers and clouds.
A recent survey of IT decision makers commissioned by Fujitsu found that over half of them find it difficult to balance agility and control in their technology choices, and lack the in-house skills needed to manage their cloud estate. Moreover, an overwhelming 80 percent want to move workloads between clouds more easily. Organizations are also looking to avoid lock in to a specific cloud platform or vendor.
To help businesses meet these challenges, UForge AppCenter 3.8 provides ‘quick launch’ functionality, instantly deploying applications to cloud. It lets customers model application stacks once, then builds cloud-ready machine images and deploys directly to multiple clouds. This ‘model once, run anywhere’ approach provides immutable, repeatable application delivery across platforms, so customers benefit from greater agility without sacrificing control and governance over enterprise software. Additionally, by abstracting cloud complexity away from the user, UForge helps ensure enterprises no longer need significant in-house skillsets in multiple clouds and tools.
The new ‘quick launch’ deployment feature represents the first stage of UShareSoft’s collaboration with Cloudsoft, a leading hybrid cloud application management company. UForge AppCenter will progressively integrate Cloudsoft AMP functionality with its current capabilities in modelling, build and migration.
Alban Richard, CEO, UShareSoft, says: “The latest release of UForge AppCenter makes it faster and easier than ever to deliver applications for cloud, letting customers increase agility without sacrificing control over their software. Customers will see even greater benefits in the future, as we continue to work with Cloudsoft to provide the best end-to-end application delivery and management platform for Hybrid IT.”
UForge AppCenter 3.8 also offers data synchronization for workload migration, meaning customers can migrate only the application as a first step, then synchronize associated data directly to the new environment. This streamlines the movement of large data sets, reducing downtime during migration and making it faster and easier to move workloads between clouds. UForge lets customers move applications ‘as is’, simply re-hosting them in a new environment, or enables re-platforming for increased governance, monitoring, performance and other optimizations in the cloud.
In addition, UForge AppCenter 3.8 supports Oracle Cloud, letting customers model, migrate and govern applications for Oracle Cloud. UShareSoft is continually increasing the number of supported cloud IaaS, PaaS, container and hypervisor platforms within UForge to extend its native Hybrid IT support. This enables users to deliver applications to over 25 clouds, containers and hypervisors, ensuring no lock in to any one cloud or vendor.

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UForge AppCenter 3.8 is now globally available.

About UForge AppCenter

UForge AppCenter supports enterprise’s digital transformation, enabling customers to increase agility and avoid vendor lock in, without sacrificing governance and control. With unique application modeling and full automation, it provides:

  • Application deployment: model, build and deploy applications for cloud
  • Application release automation: integrate with other DevOps tools to provide continuous software delivery
  • Application migration: audit live workloads and automatically migrate to cloud

About UShareSoft

A global leader in Hybrid IT application automation, UShareSoft helps enterprises with their digital transformation by simplifying and accelerating application delivery and management for data centers and cloud. Headquartered in France, UShareSoft has been a Fujitsu company since 2015. Visit: Follow:

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Date: 08 February, 2018
City: Grenoble, France