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Dr. Pfleger pharmaceuticals: greater flexibility thanks to TDS and SAP Landscape Transformation

Pharmaceuticals manufacturer Dr. Pfleger has segregated its SAP ERP Human Capital Management solution from its SAP ERP system.


Neckarsulm, Germany, May 27, 2013 Pharmaceuticals manufacturer Dr. Pfleger tasked TDS, a provider of comprehensive IT services, including SAP-related offerings, with segregating its SAP HCM Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM) solution from its SAP ERP system. The move was motivated by the need for frequent modifications to the HR solution to ensure compliance with changing legislation – which, in turn, required extensive internal and external validation tests on the SAP ERP application it was linked to. Now that the two systems operate independently, there is no longer a need for repeated SAP ERP validation. TDS, which hosts Dr. Pfleger’s SAP systems in its data centres, segregated the HR and ERP solutions within two months by deploying SAP Landscape Transformation. Now, the manufacturer of prescription and non-prescription medication enjoys greater flexibility in the use of its HR software, and can make modifications without incurring time-consuming and costly validation processes.

Less hassle, greater flexibility

As a pharmaceuticals manufacturer, Dr. Pfleger’s production operations must comply with stringent validation regulations designed to ensure drug safety. And the SAP system landscape employed to model, monitor and manage these processes must meet equally exacting standards. Validation specifications dictate that each change to an SAP system must be carefully checked, documented, specified and categorised, and undergo risk analysis, testing and approval. This extensive process is intended to avoid unintentional knock-on effects on production, and to ensure fully documented transparency for government agencies and customers. If SAP ERP HCM (which is not subject to validation) is integrated with the SAP ERP system, as was previously the case with Dr. Pfleger, then this entails comprehensive tests and end-to-end documentation for the latter whenever changes are made to the former.
“To minimise the effort associated with changes to HR legislation, we decided to segregate our solutions using SAP Landscape Transformation,” explains Gerhard Zimmermann, Head of IT at Dr. Pfleger, “SAP Landscape Transformation software enables reliable and automated transformation, and automatic logging and documentation of activities. TDS has the right skills, experience and certification to deploy SAP Landscape Transformation, and completed our project in only two months. We are very pleased with the implementation itself and the results.”
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