The ESPRIMO Q is a great fit for our requirements profile, therefore it is the ideal choice for our company. The mini PC is very powerful, and makes short work of all administration tasks

Stephan Riedl, Owner Der Orthopädie-Schuhmacher
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Der Orthopädie-Schuhmacher

Der Orthopädie-Schuhmacher installed nine FUJITSU ESPRIMO Q mini PCs, and gained the ability to digitize, connect and increase the efficiency of all business processes.


Der Orthopädie-Schuhmacher (the orthopedic shoemaker), located in Ohlstadt in Bavaria, is an orthopedic specialty store with excellent technical equipment. The team, which is headed up by owner and general manager Stephan Riedl, consists of seven professionally qualified orthopedic shoemakers, who provide customers with expert advice and optimum orthopedic solutions.


Business activities used to be characterized by conventional analog and manual processes. There was no continuous digital flow of data and information between the various employees and departments. As a result, it became impossible to meet the challenges pertaining to efficiency and future viability.


Partner Oberland IT installed a total of nine ESPRIMO Q957 mini PCs as the hardware front end in all rooms. In terms of software, all business processes are now connected via a merchandise management system. This warrants the continuous digital flow of data between the office, cash register, treatment room, workshop and the warehouse.


  • Continuous digitization of all company processes
  • Compact dimensions of high-performance mini PCs
  • High energy efficiency and minimal noise emission
  • Provision of serial interfaces
  • Stylish design for operations in the patient treatment room

Download Full Case Study PDF

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