The new Fujitsu ETERNUS All-Flash storage cluster has transformed our application and database performance and allowed us to extend that performance to multiple partners within the valley.

J. Visser, IT Manager City of Veenendaal
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City of Veenendaal - Gemeente Veenendaal

The City of Veenendaal replaces its aging storage system with two FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS AF250 devices, delivering improved performance, disaster recovery and scalability.


Veenendaal is a municipality and a city in the central Netherlands province of Utrecht. It is the only population center within its administrative borders and covers an area of 19.72 km² with a population of 64,629 in 2017. The original village was founded in the 16th century as a peat colony from which it got its name.


The City of Veenendaal’s existing storage system was outdated and suffered from poor performance and regular disk failure. It wanted to find an All-Flash replacement that would offer thin provisioning, compression, deduplication and SCSI Page 83 functionality within a tight budget.


The city asked three local resellers to present a solution that would meet these requirements. Two were far beyond its means, however Centralpoint proposed an affordable All-Flash solution based on FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS AF250. This now supports 400 virtual servers and over 1,000 users.


  • Application performance has improved significantly, making users more productive
  • Scalable storage capacity can be extended to neighboring municipalities, lowering the TCO
  • Fujitsu management application provides instant, total visibility of performance and workloads across the estate
  • Disaster recovery via synchronous replication provides peace of mind

Download Full Case Study PDF

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