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Nikkei Business Publications now gains from Cloud-based customer information system

"No ICT system that supports marketing is ever ‘finished’. We’ll continue to boost the effectiveness of our campaigns, using an agile method to evolve the system into the future."

Tomoyuki Narita, General Manager Client Marketing Support Department Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.

Advanced marketing in the digital era: Rapid integration of dispersed data on customer attributes.

The customer

Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. (Nikkei BP) is the publishing arm of Nikkei Inc., and specializes in publications about management and technology. In addition to publishing printed books and magazines as well as digital contents, Nikkei BP is engaged in the development and management of various events including large trade shows and seminars. The company distributes around 40 print media publications with a readership of two million. The number of page views for its digital media offerings has reached 125 million per month. Many business people rely on its service for information on the latest developments in the economy and technology.

The challenge

Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. needed to ensure growth in an ever-changing market and to keep up with the increasing demands of its customers, who want to access more diversified and specialized knowledge.

The solution

Nikkei BP launched a new marketing system. The database was built on a cloud platform to aggregate data on magazine subscribers, digital media members, content browsing logs, and tradeshow and seminar participants, that had previously been scattered across multiple systems.

The benefit

  • Improved accuracy of customer information
  • Implementation of BI tools was completed in just six weeks
  • Improved the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Able to cross-analyze data enabling the quick creation of prospect lists