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PRIMERGY BX900 technology boosts the Vicenza Municipal Authority’s digitization

"We wanted to reorganize our data center to cut costs and energy consumption, but also to improve our services. By selecting Fujitsu blade servers, we were able to achieve these goals."

Marcello Missagia, Director of GIS Information Technology and Statistics, Vicenza Municipal Authority

The customer

The Municipal Authority of Vicenza serves a population of over 113,000 people and is the fourth largest administrative area in Italy’s Veneto region, covering approximately 80 square kilometers. The Authority has about one thousand employees – 26 in IT – who not only perform standard administrative tasks but also operate the Vicenza Local Services Center (CST), which serves 43 municipalities. Vicenza currently sits sixth in the league table of non-provincial capitals for the amount of open data it provides.

The challenge

Population registers, mapping systems, digital document flows, payroll and tax compliance are just some of the areas where Vicenza Municipal Authority has initiated a process of profound innovation built around the efficient use of IT resources. With this in mind, it has begun to consolidate its data center with a view to reducing management and running costs, while also assuring scope for future growth without costly investments.

The solution

The FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY BX blade system reflects the organization’s need to manage processes and applications through a single, central system, while providing both the necessary power and space for growth. The related cost savings, measured by savings on energy consumption, are in the order of 60 percent.

The benefit

  • Implementation of a single, central system for managing all data center processes.
  • Energy consumption cost savings of over 60 percent.
  • Faster digitization of the services.