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Fujitsu Logo History


Fuji Tsushinki Manufacturing Corporation established

  • Fujitsu was established with the company name of "Fuji Tsushinki Manufacturing Corporation" as an offshoot of the communication division of Fuji Electric.
  • The design of our corporate logo was a combination of "f" and "s". Why "f" and "s"?
1923 Fuji Electric Limited was established. "Fu" for Furukawa and "Ji" for Siemens (Based on the German pronunciation) were combined. ("Fuji" is also the name of the highest mountain in Japan)

1962 - 1971

Adapted the official English name "Fujitsu Limited"
(In Japan, "Fujitsu" is adapted as a company name abbreviation.)

  • Full-fledged computer manufacturing began
  • Organized into "Communication Manufacturing Division" and "Electronics Manufacturing Division"
  • Used the phrase "Communications and Electronics" in the corporate logo

Changed to the current official company name

Company formally changed Japanese name to Fujitsu Kabushiki Kaisha (Fujitsu Limited).

1972 - 1988

The concept of "Peace", "Passion" and "Purity" is incorporated into the corporate logo, symbolized by Blue (Peace), Red (Passion) and White (Purity)

1989 -

In line with our business globalization

  • In line with our business globalization, current corporate logo was officially adopted.
  • The Earth and Sun are symbolized by the Infinity symbol at the top of "j" and"i" and represents the wide open universe and infinite possibility.
  • Fujitsu Red, the main color which expresses enthusiasm for the future, brightness and approachability.

The evolution of the corporate logo illustrates the background of each age and the history of Fujitsu.

Fujitsu Logo