Fujitsu Market Place Self-Checkout goes live in the UK

News facts:
  • FUJITSU Market Place Self-Checkout goes live at a fast-fashion store in the North of England simplifying and speeding the checkout process, reducing queues and ensuring customers have a great end-to-end in-store shopping experience
  • Main street retailer putting the in-store experience in the hands of its customers with sophisticated new Self-Checkout
  • Hybrid Self-Checkout offers the maximum flexibility for busy fashion and speciality stores, changing from traditional cashier till to self-checkout mode in seconds to reflect changing in-store conditions

London,United Kingdom, February 17, 2022

Fujitsu is today announcing that Fujitsu Market Place Self-Checkout (SCO) is live in a fast-fashion store in the UK. Designed as an integral part of Fujitsu Market Place, and targeted at fashion and speciality retailers, Market Place Self-Checkout serves to re-invent the in-store experience by offering easy, in-store checkout flexibility for shoppers.

Self-Checkout moves into Fashion

Now ubiquitous in many countries, around 75% of shoppers say they use self-checkout either all of the time, or some of the time. Self-Checkout has been used for years in the grocery world to create a fast and convenient checkout experience for in-store shoppers. This familiarity, together with the call for less personal interaction and cash-less payments during the pandemic, has pushed retailers to consider moving self-checkout into other store formats.

Fashion and Speciality stores, especially those with a high volume of transactions, make them the ideal candidate to introduce Self-Checkout. Compared to cashier tills, Self-Checkout can increase the number of transactions in a smaller footprint in store because each installation requires less space and customers are more inclined to complete a purchase if they do not need to interact with a cashier.

Market Place Self-Checkout – easy, fast and fun

Fujitsu’s Market Place Self-Checkout is designed for fashion and speciality and delivers a fast and easy to use, cashless, self-checkout experience. This puts the shopper in the driving seat and allows them to scan items, check prices, purchase gift cards and pay. Payment can be made by debit, credit and/or gift cards.

It offers retailers the ability to reduce in-store checkout queues, whilst offering a secure and convenient way for shoppers to quickly checkout - avoiding till checkout queues, but still with the benefit of getting their purchases immediately – providing the speed and convenience of online shopping - without the wait for delivery.

A clear and easy to follow user interface guides the shopper through the purchasing process with a simple scan, pay, bag, pick-up receipt and leave approach. When a shopper needs assistance, Market Place Self-Checkout offers the option to use lane lights to guide the shoppers to an available self-checkout and to notify SCO support teams, or to notify via digital alerts to smart phones or smart watches.

Rowan Cape, Head of Global Retail Software Solutions at Fujitsu comments ‘Fujitsu is excited for Market Place Self-Checkout to go live and re-invent the in-store experience for fashion and speciality shoppers. Customers love self-checkout, no-one likes to wait in long checkout queues and everyone likes to be in control of when and how they checkout. Market Place Self-Checkout brings that choice in a fun experience to fashion stores. We believe it will revolutionize how quickly shoppers can shop and pay, help to significantly reduce till checkout queues, and, on the back of a great visit, will encourage shoppers to return for more.’

Market Place Self-Checkout – hybrid till or self-service – you choose

Market Place Self-Checkout can be deployed either as dedicated Self-Checkout lanes, or hybrid till and self-checkout lanes, allowing SCO devices to be converted to a regular cashier till lane in seconds when in-store conditions change. It runs on the same retail hardware as other payment points in-store, making Market Place Self-Checkout simple to deploy and support.

By moving checkout into the hands of the shoppers, and using only one staff member to support 4-5 SCO checkouts, Market Place Self-Checkout can also help to alleviate the pressure of constantly recruiting staff caused by high turnover.

Fujitsu Market Place - customer experience orchestration

To run a truly customer-centric business, retailers need the freedom to deliver the customer experience their shoppers want. Fujitsu Market Place is a global, digital commerce solution designed to create unique customer experiences, enabled by omnichannel retail orchestration across multiple customer touchpoints. It provides a flexible and secure checkout shopping experience, regardless of device, plus the capability to view inventory across stores and online, place and process orders anywhere, and manage store-to-store transfers, pick-ups and home deliveries. In addition to self-checkout, Market Place offers speciality and fashion retailers digital store commerce features such as self-service Scan & Pay, downloadable to a shopper’s own device, Associate Mobile and in-store Café and Concessions functionality designed to turn the in-store experience into a delight.

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Date: February 17, 2022
City: London,United Kingdom