Graduate programme overview

We want our graduates to shape our tomorrow

We support our graduates in delivering outstanding results. Additionally we provide the opportunity for you to get involved in a number of exciting activities alongside your chosen role and recommend that our graduates take these opportunities offered to them in order to stand out.

Alongside your chosen role and the training you undertake in your business area, you will embark on a comprehensive 24 month modular development programme. These modules will cover key skills such as self-awareness, leadership, business awareness and business knowledge. In addition to the modular development programme below, you will also be assigned a “buddy” (a Grad from the year above) and a professional mentor.

What to expect in Year One

01 Pre-joining


An introduction to the company, the brand,and most important, each other! This is not a mandatory event, but if you can make it along, it would be a great opportunity for you to meet some of our current graduates.

02 Induction


This is a great opportunity to find out even more about Fujitsu, to meet your peers and understand how you will fit into the company. You'll meet high level stakeholders, interact with current graduates and start building the network that will underpin your career at Fujitsu.

03 Resilience Awareness


You will learn the importance of resilience and solution focussed thinking, using a framework called FLIP (Focus, Language, Imagination, Pattern breaking).

04 Business Area Overview


This is ran internally by key members of all of our business areas. You will get to understand each of our business lines, how we work and how we serve our customers.

05 Business Awareness


During this module you will gain an insight into how the organisation wins business, delivers business and retains business. This is delivered in an interactive way with key members of the business.

06 Personal Impact


Understanding of your values and beliefs, developing your self-awareness, establish your personal brand and understand stakeholders and their needs.

07 Leadership in Action


Focuses on understanding how you work in a team, as a leader and a follower. Develop your own leadership proposition and understand your development areas.

What to expect in Year Two

01 DTC Customer Hackathons


We’ll expose you to some of our customer problems, and over the course of two days, using our Design Thinking methodology you will present a solution back to the customer.

02 LaunchPad


Reflecting on the skills you have acquired over the programme and identifying where you want to go next. Using 360 feedback, individual and group activities, this module will help you to identify any skills gaps.

03 Graduation


An opportunity to reflect on your first two years in the company. It is a fun and interactive opportunity to celebrate with your cohort and recognise achievements, both on an individual and collective level.

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