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Fujitsu Sustainability Policies

Fujitsu Australia & New Zealand Sustainability Policy

Through individual and collective action, we continuously strive to safeguard the natural environment for future generations.

In conjunction with our rigorous Environmental Management System, a number of Global Sustainability Policies underpin Fujitsu’s Australian and New Zealand operations.

The Fujitsu Group has two additional global policies and a medium-term action plan relating to sustainability which also guides our business operations and client solutions focus. These include:

Fujitsu Group Environment Policy

Driving the Fujitsu Group’s Environment Policy is our recognition that global environmental protection is a critical business issue.

Our Group Environment Policy does more than simply comply with all environmental regulations required of our business operations. We pursue additional environmental protection activities to ensure we go above and beyond with our sustainability efforts. Our Group Environment Policy is underpinned by seven principles and guidelines set forth in the FUJITSU Way, which help us to stay true to our sustainability goals and visions.

At its essence, this policy aims to leverage Fujitsu’s technological expertise and creative talents to contribute to sustainable development.

Fujitsu Climate and Energy Vision

The Fujitsu Group has established the “FUJITSU Climate and Energy Vision,” a medium- to long-term environmental vision with the goal of bringing the Fujitsu Group’s CO2 emissions to zero by 2050, as well as contributing to the achievement of a decarbonized society and the adaptation to climate change, through provision of technologies and services supporting digital transformation.

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