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Industry Solutions

Fujitsu continues to innovate and break new grounds for clients evolving in the exciting Internet age. In Fujitsu Asia, we provide reliable, customised systems and solutions that contribute directly to the growth and profitability of our customers, enhancing their competitiveness through lower cots, shorter delivery times and higher quality. The value of our comprehensive solutions is derived from a single-minded, unrelenting focus on the customer.

Our world-class technologies in information processing, telecommunications and electronic devices enable us to offer optimal solutions for customers in numerous industries. Proven cross-industry solutions in e-Business, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), communications and networking are also extended to our customers. Our services encompass the entire system life cycle from planning to operation and incorporate systems integration, outsourcing, help desk, training and support.

Those who have benefited richly are in:

Retail Retail

ISS3000- Hardly a day goes by on the Asian market without innovations in store configurations and information systems. Corema™ EXPRESS- Corema™ EXPRESS provides an integrated environment that supports the logical flow of a customer rewards cycle.

Financial Financial

Fujitsu is a solutions company. To competitively meet the challenges presented by a rapidly changing product environment, Fujitsu Finance has reduced the time-to-market of new products through FLEXCUBE Universal Banking Solution.

Logistics Logistics

Customers are becoming more sophisticated with higher expectations than ever before. To retain a competitive edge, your company has to anticipate changes in customer preferences and behavior.

Manufacturing Manufacturing

Efficiency in logistics and manufacturing is of utmost importance in any production work, and enterprises are constantly sourcing for ways to make these processes more transparent.

Telecommunications Telecommunications

Products-The IPCOM S series, a high-performance network appliance, consolidates a vast range of functions into a single box. Services-Today's fast-moving telecoms market is driven by fierce competition, mergers and acquisitions, converging technologies and the boom in customer demand for new mobile internet services.