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Touch Panels

4-, 5-, and 7-wire, Single and Dual-Touch Resistive Touch Panels; Projected Capacitive touch panels; controller boards and microcontrollers.

Product Highlights


Feather Touch Panels Offer 4-wire Multi-Touch Input

Blending the best of Resistive and ProCap technology, Feather Touch panels expand multi-touch input to new applications.

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Fujitsu Develops Dual-Touch Controller IC for Resistive Touch Panels

New technology brings pinch, expand, rotate, and swipe/flick gestures to industrial and medical applications.


Case Study

ScopeCoder DL350Yokogawa’s Award-Winning ScopeCoder DL350 adopted Fujitsu Touch Panel for superior noise free performance
The Fujitsu touch panel was one key component that perfectly matched Yokogawa's design requirements.

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Recent Touch Panels Press Releases

  • Singapore, Singapore, June 04, 2012
    Fujitsu’s New 4-Wire Resistive Feather Touch Panels Expand Multi-Touch Applications
    Fujitsu Components Asia Pte. Ltd. has released a series of dual-touch, 4-wire resistive touch panels optimized for multi-touch functionality. The new panels combine the competitive features of Resistive and Projected Capacitive technology, allowing designers to expand multi-touch functionality into other applications, such as industrial equipment and controls, medical devices and automotive, using 4-wire simplicity.