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Europe (EMEA)

20 December 2010  UK
Fujitsu Agrees New 7-Year Shared Services Contract with Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire County Councils

London, December 20, 2010 – Fujitsu has successfully retained its contract with Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire County Councils to work in partnership to deliver a pioneering shared service.

17 December 2010  UK
Fujitsu scores marketing awards hat-trick

London, December 17, 2010 – Fujitsu has won three coveted marketing awards for campaigns delivered in 2010, using traditional techniques such as direct mail as well as social media.

16 December 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Adds New Models to Popular "Get it All" Channel Marketing Campaign

Munich, December 16, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces that it has added two new models to the popular “Get IT All” program, making special configurations of the very latest PRIMERGY servers available to customers via Fujitsu channel partners at an attractive price.

15 December 2010  UK
PFU Imaging Solutions enhances presence and focus across sub-Saharan Africa

London, December 15, 2010 – PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Ltd., a subsidiary of Fujitsu Ltd., today announced the appointment of three new distribution partners in sub-Saharan Africa

14 December 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Completes Green Life Cycle Assessment for Selected Products

Augsburg/Munich, December 14, 2010 – Fujitsu has completed its product carbon footprint (PCF) project within nine months, and presented the results together with the bifa environmental institute, an institute for ecological issues in Augsburg. The ‘product carbon footprint’ represents the greenhouse gas emissions that products contribute to the CO2 balance of our planet. With the help of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) according to ISO standard 14040/44, and in cooperation with the bifa environmental institute and Fraunhofer IZM in Berlin (Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration), Fujitsu analyzed selected products in its PC and server lines throughout their product life cycle and evaluated the results. Fraunhofer Institute checked the findings and gave Fujitsu a positive evaluation.

9 December 2010  UK
British Businesses Failing to Invest in IT Innovation

London, December 9, 2010 – The results of Fujitsu's first bi-annual Business Certainty Index has shown apathy is the main reason for the lack of investment in IT innovation.

8 December 2010  UK
Fujitsu Turns Traditional Approach to Innovation on its Head With New "Open Innovation" Service

London, December 8, 2010 – Fujitsu is turning the traditional approach to customer innovation on its head with a new 'Open Innovation' service.

26 November 2010  Germany
Fujitsu and Ingram Micro Expand EMEA Channel Agreement

Munich, November 26, 2010 – Fujitsu today announced a major expansion of its EMEA relationship with Ingram Micro. Ingram Micro will become a Fujitsu pan-European value-added distribution partner for the SMB- and mid-market, supplying the entire Fujitsu Dynamic Infrastructures portfolio of IT products and solutions including leading PRIMERGY servers and ETERNUS storage. Ingram Micro already successfully distributes NetApp products sold via Fujitsu in Germany, and Fujitsu will look into expanding this agreement to cover other countries in Europe.

25 November 2010  UK
IT Departments Failing to Address Applications Black Hole

London, November 25, 2010 – IT managers are facing an increasing level of complexity when it comes to managing their applications estate. Independent research, commissioned by Fujitsu, has revealed that many IT departments are failing to get to grips with this issue

24 November 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Expands New Zero Client Portfolio with Two New Models

Munich, November 24, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces two new Zero Client models: the Zero Client DZ22-2 and the Zero Client DZ19-2, providing more choices and flexibility that make it easier than ever for companies to integrate Zero Clients into their existing infrastructure. Recognizing that customers need to choose the platform that best works for their unique business needs, Fujitsu’s Zero Clients support more hypervisor platforms than any other vendor. In addition, new features such as multi-monitoring, LED technology and Power over Ethernet (PoE), further reduce costs and increase productivity.

24 November 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Introduces New Micro Server for Very Small Businesses

Munich, November 24, 2010 – Fujitsu today introduces a new entry-level PRIMERGY micro server model, bringing professional, centralized server technology within affordable reach of small businesses for the first time – combining IT peace-of-mind and business velocity with a new lower price point. The new Fujitsu PRIMERGY MX130 S1 breaks away from traditional thinking that small businesses do not need or cannot afford professional servers.

24 November 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Makes Cloud Computing Dynamic – and Truly Global

Munich, November 24, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces that it sets new worldwide standards for cloud services with its Global Cloud Platform – and introduces the Dynamic Cloud, a new set of pre-integrated and configured services enabling easier migration to private or hybrid cloud-based services.

24 November 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Research Reveals One-size Data Privacy Rules Do Not Fit All

Munich, November 24, 2010 – Fujitsu today released its global research report ‘Personal Data in the Cloud: The Importance of Trust.’ The report finds that trust will be the key to unlocking the personal data needed to realize the future benefits of cloud computing, but the degree to which governments and businesses are trusted to look after personal data varies greatly from country to country.

24 November 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Sets a New Standard for Cloud Security

Munich, November 24, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces that it is setting a new security standard for private and trusted cloud environments, with a comprehensive set of additional measures that lock down its Infrastructure as a Service offerings – removing a roadblock to the accelerated enterprise adoption of cloud-based services.

24 November 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Unveils New Initiatives to Drive Enterprise Cloud Adoption

Munich, November 24, 2010 – At its annual customer conference VISIT in Munich, Germany, Fujitsu today introduces new technologies to drive enterprise cloud adoption – combined with powerful components for datacenters, server rooms and desktops.

24 November 2010  Germany
Fujitsu’s PRIMERGY BX400 Opens Up Blade Computing for Midsize Companies

Munich, November 24, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces the global availability of blade server technology designed especially for smaller and mid-size businesses that are looking for scalable efficiencies and consolidation. The new PRIMERGY BX400 is a fully-featured blade system built from the ground up as a user-friendly and versatile infrastructure designed for midsized customers with large computing and storage requirements, including branch offices.

22 November 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Adds Versatility to PRIMERGY Cloud eXtension Server Portfolio

Munich, November 22, 2010 – Fujitsu today introduces globally the PRIMERGY CX122 S1, the first new addition to its portfolio of dual-socket cloud server nodes for the PRIMERGY CX1000 Cloud eXtension Server, the platform for cloud computing, high performance computing (HPC) and large scale-out computing server farms. In addition, Fujitsu launches its new PRIMERGY CX1000 Efficiency Assessment Service, an optimization service exploiting simulation software to deliver valuable qualitative information . The new service is initially available in Central Europe, Middle East, Africa and India.

19 November 2010  Germany
Best of Both Worlds: New Intel Processors Boost Fujitsu Mainframes

Munich, November 19, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces the second-generation of its midrange SQ mainframe Business Servers, which combine mainframe stability and reliability with the latest high-end Intel Xeon x86 processor technology to provide a compelling platform for organizations seeking a consolidated server operating environment.

18 November 2010  Germany
Fujitsu’s PRIME Power Line Communication Solution Passed Official PRIME Conformance Test

Langen, Germany, November 18, 2010 – PRIME-compliant communication SoC and software stack enable reduced development time

16 November 2010  UK
Confidence In Cloud Grows, Paving Way For New Levels Of Business Efficiency

London, November 16, 2010 – Research commissioned by Fujitsu has shown strong success rates for IT cloud projects.

16 November 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Announces Major Upgrade to PRIMERGY ServerView Suite

Munich, November 16, 2010 – Fujitsu today launched the latest version of its proven server management solution, the PRIMERGY ServerView Suite. In today’s challenging climate, IT needs to provide constant, high performance support to businesses of all sizes. The ServerView Suite delivers this by providing simple, fast and cost-effective centralized management of both physical and virtual IT infrastructures based on Fujitsu’s PRIMERGY servers and ETERNUS storage systems. In doing so, it improves end-user productivity via intelligent and innovative system management solutions, helping businesses optimally to deploy, control, dynamize, maintain, and integrate their IT .

15 November 2010  Germany
Fujitsu’s IO-Link Starter Kit Simplifies the Development of Automation Solutions

Langen, Germany, November 15, 2010 – Starter kit for a quick and easy introduction to IO-Link

15 November 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Boosts LED Display Portfolio with New Models

Munich, November 15, 2010 – Fujitsu today announced that it is the first mainstream vendor to complete the migration to LED backlighting for all of its display lines, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to environmental benefits and innovation. In updating its P, B and E Line displays to LED (light emitting diode) lighting, Fujitsu is the first vendor to complete the migration to a complete portfolio of mercury-free displays.

11 November 2010  Germany
Fujitsu and NetApp to Align EMEA Channel Strategy

Munich, November 11, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces the launch of its joint EMEA channel strategy with NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP). Building on their recently extended global partnership, the new, aligned program delivers major benefits to channel partners, enabling them to offer customers a complete range of integrated storage solutions from both companies, adding value and opening up new business opportunities. Fujitsu and NetApp have been successful partners for ten years and the extended agreement intensifies the relationship through new activities including joint research and development, technology and product integration and close collaboration on services.

10 November 2010  UK
Fujitsu signs significant agreement with UK Government

London, November 10, 2010 – Fujitsu announced today that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the UK Government.

4 November 2010  UK
Fujitsu and Microsoft announce partnership to provide cloud application services to UK market

London, November 4, 2010 – Expanding a partnership announced in July at Microsoft’s World Wide Partner Conference , Fujitsu and Microsoft will today announce plans at The Government Leaders Forum to utilise the Microsoft Windows Azure platform to deliver cloud computing benefits to UK businesses.

4 November 2010  UK
Fujitsu and Microsoft announce partnership to provide cloud application services to UK market

London, November 4, 2010 – Expanding a partnership announced in July at Microsoft’s World Wide Partner Conference , Fujitsu and Microsoft will today announce plans at The Government Leaders Forum to utilise the Microsoft Windows Azure platform to deliver cloud computing benefits to UK businesses.

4 November 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Releases 44 New FM3 32-bit Microcontrollers

Langen, Germany, November 4, 2010 – Combines global-standard Cortex™-M3 with peripheral features cultivated through its FR core family

29 October 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Eases File-Sharing with Secure and Reliable openFT V11.0

Munich, October 29, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces an enhanced solution that delivers a secure, reliable way of transferring sensitive data between offices without any risk of leakage or loss. Version 11 of openFT simplifies secure transfer of large data files within organizations as well as externally between partners and customers. openFT supports all major platforms and protocols, working across a wide variety of IT environments.

28 October 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Promises Guaranteed Savings across SAP® Landscapes

Munich, October 28, 2010 – Fujitsu today introduces guaranteed savings for customers running SA P® solutions through the availability of a complete set of solutions enabling enterprises to future-proof and optimize their SAP ® environments. Together with a new version of its flagship FlexFrame for SAP ® solution, Fujitsu is extending the roll-out of its Managed SAP IT Infrastructure offering and introducing services that enable enterprises to optimize SAP ® installations.

26 October 2010  UK
Powerful features in a compact design: the new Fujitsu fi-6110

London, October 26, 2010 – PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited announces the availability of the Fujitsu fi-6110 document scanner - the latest addition to Fujitsu’s business scanner family. With its very compact design, the Fujitsu fi-6110 is one of the smallest and swiftest workgroup class document scanners in the market.

26 October 2010  UK
ETERNUS CS efficient data protection for enterprises and the mid-market

London, October 26, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces the global launch of the fifth generation of its ETERNUS CS High End data protection appliance for large enterprises, and the second generation of its ETERNUS CS800 Data Protection Appliance for mid-sized and smaller businesses.

26 October 2010  Japan
Fujitsu and NetApp Extend Global Partnership with Shared Storage Portfolio

Tokyo, October 26, 2010 – Fujitsu and NetApp today announced they are extending their strong, long-standing global partnership to help customers maximize the value they get from their IT investments. IT leaders today are under increasing pressure to respond faster to the needs of the business. With this agreement, the two companies deliver one-stop shopping for integrated storage solutions that accelerate business results for their customers. The expanded global partnership and extended resale agreements continue a long track record of delivering customer success, allowing business customers to increase their IT efficiency and standardization and satisfy all of their unified storage foundation needs with Fujitsu and NetApp.

25 October 2010  UK
Fujitsu calls for IT to be pushed up the agenda in M&A and separation deals.

London, October 25, 2010 – Launches Merger Integration Separation Service

22 October 2010  UK
Fujitsu achieves Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Specialization for Service Orientated Architecture (SOA)

London, October 22, 2010 – Achievement makes Fujitsu the first Oracle global OPN partner to achieve SOA Specialization.

14 October 2010  Germany
Take a virtual tour of the TDS data centres

Neckarsulm, October 14, 2010 – The quality of outsourcing services depends heavily on the reliability of the provider’s data centres. Now prospective customers can take a guided or interactive tour of the TDS data centres online at\datacentertour and see for themselves what TDS delivers. Participants can learn all about the facilities’ security features and the flexibility, efficiency and availability that they offer. During the tour, they can explore points that will fill them in on issues such as building security and physical access control, data security, power supply, server and network rooms, air-conditioning and fire protection.

12 October 2010  UK
Fujitsu Celebrates UK Oracle User Group Awards Success

London, October 12, 2010 – Fujitsu has continued its recent run of awards and successes with Oracle after receiving three awards at the UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG) Awards dinner on Thursday 7 October held in London.

12 October 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Showcases Dynamic Infrastructures Products and Services at VMworld 2010 Europe

Munich/Copenhagen, October 12, 2010 – Fujitsu today demonstrates its unrivalled range of powerful virtualization and cloud offerings at VMworld 2010 Europe in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company’s Dynamic Infrastructures portfolio delivers flexible, easy to manage and cost-effective IT products, solutions and services for businesses of all sizes, regardless of if they operate virtualized, physical, or hybrid computing models. Fujitsu is a VMware Global Alliance Partner, VMware OEM Partner, and a Platinum Sponsor of VMworld 2010 Europe.

7 October 2010  UK
Centrica Completes Move to SaaS-Based Service Desk

London, October 7, 2010 – Fujitsu has completed the integration of a significant new service desk project with Centrica, one of the world’s largest energy providers.

7 October 2010  Germany
Fujitsu's PRIMERGY RX900 S1 Sets World Record TPC Benchmark

Munich, October 7, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces that the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) has ranked two of Fujitsu's servers in the top ten for TPC-E performance, with the PRIMERGY RX900 S1 as the top performing server system, and the PRIMERGY RX600 S5 as best 4-socket server at number three. According to the TPC-E rankings, Fujitsu's PRIMERGY servers are not only the most powerful servers in the world, but are also the ones with best price performance of the top ten.

6 October 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Delivers ‘Make IT Dynamic’ Solutions for SMBs

Munich, October 6, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces the global launch of its ‘Make IT Dynamic’ initiative for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Designed to offer easy-to-manage computing power to suit individual budgets, SMBs have more time and money available to focus on their top priority: better serving their customers.

5 October 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Extends Zero Client Infrastructure with Portable Zero Client

Munich, October 5, 2010 – Fujitsu today extends its popular Zero Client concept with the introduction of the Portable Zero Client, enabling Zero Client users to access their virtual desktop from anywhere from any computer with a network connection. Developed to meet the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce, the Portable Zero Client MZ900 plug-and-play device provides unparalleled security, flexibility and convenience in comparison to alternative remote access methods.

5 October 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Introduces Ready-to-Run PRIMERGY TX100 S2 Core Edition for Small Businesses

Munich, October 5, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces the launch of the PRIMERGY TX100 S2 Core Edition, a user-friendly, low-cost x86 server especially tailored for small businesses. The innovative PRIMERGY TX100 S2 Core Edition uses ‘headless’ technology to save space, while reducing costs and administration effort. Headless technology means the server can be accessed without its own monitor, mouse or keyboard. Fujitsu’s ‘Just power-up ‘n’ run’ functionality automatically installs server software, and administration is simply carried out from any PC on the network. Combined with self-healing functionality and comprehensive support tools, the PRIMERGY TX100 S2 Core Edition is the ideal solution for small businesses without in-house IT support, and looking for an easy-to-use entry level server.

5 October 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Launches new high-capacity CELVIN NAS Server Q800 with 4-Bay Drive

Munich, October 5, 2010 – Fujitsu today launches the new CELVIN NAS Server Q800, providing an all-in-one system for local Network Attached Storage (NAS) backup and file sharing at an affordable price. The new system is targeted at mid-size and small business, plus home-office based workers that want to introduce flexible, centralized data sharing between computers and users on a local network.

5 October 2010  Germany
Fujitsu’s FUTRO C400 Redefines Multi Workplace Computing

Munich, October 5, 2010 – Fujitsu today redefines the economies of multi workplace computing with the introduction of the FUTRO C400, an ultra thin client that delivers a full desktop experience across multiple workplaces at a fraction of the cost of an array of entry-level PCs. Ideal for schools and small and medium sized companies that need maximize their IT budgets to get the lowest cost per seat, the FUTRO C400 allows a powerful central PC’s resources to be shared between users, dramatically reducing hardware and management costs.

4 October 2010  Germany/Japan
Even More Fujitsu PRIMERGY Servers Achieve Stringent ENERGY STAR Certification

Munich/Tokyo, October 4, 2010 – Fujitsu today announced that ENERGY STAR has certified Fujitsu’s PRIMERGY Tower and Rack servers, both for mono and dual processor systems, giving customers greater choice and flexibility when selecting energy-efficient server systems. Businesses of all sizes recognize the ENERGY STAR label means they will save energy and reduce costs, while protecting the environment. The recent certifications further extend Fujitsu’s global range of energy-efficient server choices to cover most business application. By assuring that PRIMERGY servers meet ENERGY STAR certifications, Fujitsu helps customers make environmentally conscious choices, continuing the company’s green IT leadership.

30 September 2010  The Netherlands
Fujitsu shares knowledge at Electronica 2010

Hoofddorp, September 30, 2010 – Fujitsu looks forward to the 24th edition of the Electronica exhibition. Like previous years Fujitsu Components will be present at Electronica with its latest products and developments.

24 September 2010  The Netherlands
Fujitsu employees walk for ICS solar-energy project in Africa

Hoofddorp, September 24, 2010 – Fujitsu warmed up for solar energy! Fully in line with Fujitsu’s strategy to strive for a better environment socially and environmentally, Fujitsu Components Europe employees are proud to have completed their walk.

13 September 2010  UK
PFU announces the fi-5950 production scanner

London, September 13, 2010 – PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited today announced the availability of its latest production scanner for high performance applications - the Fujitsu fi-5950. With speeds up to 270 images per minute (135 pages), the Fujitsu fi-5950 is the ideal product for high volume customer needs.

9 September 2010  UK
Shell Awards Fujitsu Seven Year Global Deal For Service Station IT Deployment And Support

London, September 9, 2010 – Shell has entered into a contract for future IT deployment and support services for service stations across 19 countries under one supplier, Fujitsu.

8 September 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Maximizes Flexibility of Storage Architectures with DataCore Storage Virtualization

Munich, September 8, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces the validated integration of its data center storage and server systems with DataCore storage virtualization software, helping to minimize the risks for enterprises switching to virtualized storage pool architectures. The pre-tested and qualified solution with Fujitsu ETERNUS and PRIMERGY with DataCore SANsymphony is available immediately via local distributors across Central Europe.

8 September 2010  France
SynfiniWay V4 Enables Industrial-Strength Enterprise Clouds

Toulouse, September 8, 2010 – Fujitsu Systems Europe announces the release of SynfiniWay V4, its integrated software framework for virtualised distributed High Performance Computing. This version expands the user capabilities with enhanced security, extended framework management, and a global repository for collaboration and performance improvement. This leads to assured data confidentiality and time savings through early detection of server and network failures as well as improved sharing of global business process objects.

7 September 2010  France
Fujitsu SynfiniWay V4 enables industrial-strength Enterprise Clouds

Toulouse, September 7, 2010 – Significantly enhanced security, performance and management capabilities leads to assured data confidentiality and time savings for technical computing environments

3 September 2010  UK
Research Shows Oracle Investments Surviving Despite Economic Uncertainty

London, September 3, 2010 – The 2nd annual joint survey between Fujitsu and UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG) indicates that Oracle investments are being reviewed and challenged but are mostly surviving despite the current economic climate and pressures.

2 September 2010  UK
Fujitsu positioned as a ‘Leader’ in Desktop and Help Desk Outsourcing

London, September 2, 2010 – Fujitsu today announced it has been positioned by Gartner, Inc. in the “leaders” quadrant of two Magic Quadrant reports: Help Desk Outsourcing, Europe1, and Desktop Outsourcing, Europe2.

2 September 2010  Germany
New Smaller LIFEBOOK T580 Is The Gateway to Fujitsu’s Tablet Line Up

Munich, September 2, 2010 – Fujitsu today introduces a new smaller fully featured tablet PC, the LIFEBOOK T580, measuring up with a 10.1-inch screen size. Leveraging Fujitsu’s 20 years of convertible PC experience, the slate-beating LIFEBOOK T580 squeezes full-size notebook features and technology into a smaller, lighter and lower-priced package.

30 August 2010  Germany
FrieslandCampina Chooses Fujitsu for International Workplace Innovation

Munich, August 30, 2010 – Fujitsu today announced that it has won a five-year-long deal with Royal FrieslandCampina. FrieslandCampina, a multinational dairy company selling products in more than 100 counties, is working toward standardizing its workplaces globally. To prepare for and implement this project, the company has signed a contract with Fujitsu to manage FrieslandCampina's new workplaces and provide support through a 24-hour service desk.

27 August 2010  The Netherlands
Fujitsu warms up for solar energy in Africa

Hoofddorp, August 27, 2010 – Fujitsu Components Europe well known for its relays activities on the European, Middle East and African market is about to walk a different path.

27 August 2010  UK
Fujitsu Unveils New Regional Headquarters For The Highlands

London, August 27, 2010 – Global technology company Fujitsu is establishing a new Highlands headquarters in Inverness. The new office, which is on the Beechwood Business Park, will be home for 70 of Fujitsu's 500 Scottish employees and will lead the work the company does for The Highland Council.

27 August 2010  Germany
Fujitsu's LIFEBOOK AH530 GFX Model Provides High Graphic Performance

Munich, August 27, 2010 – Fujitsu today introduces a new model of the LIFEBOOK AH530 featuring an external graphics card with dedicated 1GB video memory. This completes Fujitsu's line-up for the all-round notebook segment, with a choice of models to meet every need. The LIFEBOOK AH530 GFX is designed for users working with demanding graphics, pictures and video applications, combining high performance and a slim and stylish notebook package at a competitive price.

20 August 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Technology Solutions Names Rolf Schwirz As New CEO

Munich, August 20, 2010 – Fujitsu Technology Solutions today announced the appointment of Rolf Schwirz as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Schwirz will report directly to Richard Christou, Corporate Senior Executive Vice President at Fujitsu Limited.

20 August 2010  Germany
Zero Client Infrastructure Bundles: A New Way to Plug and Play Desktop Virtualization

Munich, August 20, 2010 – Fujitsu today introduces Zero Client Infrastructure bundles, providing a complete virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) in a box. Fujitsu's revolutionary ready-to-deploy bundles include all the equipment necessary for a virtual desktop infrastructure, including a PRIMERGY server, Fujitsu Zero Clients, peripherals, and all network equipment from one source. Channel partners need only determine how many workplaces their customers require, and the preconfigured bundles are ready to go. As more and more businesses take advantage of the convenience of Zero Clients as an alternative to desktop solutions, Fujitsu and its partners provide an easy way to implement a complete solution, even for the smallest businesses.

12 August 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Debuts Ultimate Road Warrior LIFEBOOK Tablet PCs

Munich, August 12, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces the ultimate notebooks for the true road warrior – new tablet PC LIFEBOOK T Series models packed with all must-have features for the frequent traveler, now also including optional built-in GPS (global positioning system).

12 August 2010  Germany
TDS AG: TDS continues to grow

Neckarsulm, August 12, 2010 – TDS AG (ISIN DE0005085609) provides a comprehensive range of IT outsourcing, IT consulting and HR services. TDS' revenues increased in the first quarter of fiscal 2010/2011 (1 April to 30 June 2010) compared with the first quarter of fiscal 2009/2010, from €31,444 thousand to €32,484 thousand. This is a growth rate of 3.3 per cent. EBIT (earnings before income and tax) fell from €2,875 thousand to €1,040 thousand, with EBIT margin dropping from 9.1 to 3.2 per cent. Net income totalled minus €82 thousand, compared to €1,348 thousand in the first quarter of fiscal 2009/2010. On 30 June 2010, TDS employed 1,212 staff (1,146 in the first quarter of fiscal 2009/2010).

30 July 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Simplifies and Speeds Cost-Efficient Transition to Windows 7

Munich, July 30, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces DeskView Advanced Migration, a new solution providing an easier and more cost-efficient way for enterprises to migrate to new hardware and the latest desktop operating systems such as Microsoft Windows 7.

28 July 2010  UK
Special Design Edition: Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 and S1300

London, July 28, 2010 – To commemorate the 50th anniversary of PFU, a fully owned subsidiary of Fujitsu, PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited today announced the availability of special edition Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 and S1300 models, which have sold over 1 million models worldwide in the document scanner market.

28 July 2010  UK
Fujitsu Wins Home Office Supplier Value Award

London, July 28, 2010 – Fujitsu has been awarded a prestigious Home Office Supplier and Innovation Award - “Best Example of Collaborative Working with the Home Office”.

27 July 2010  Germany
Fujitsu First to Market with Full Line-up of LED Displays

Munich, July 27, 2010 – Fujitsu is the first to market with a full range of slimline, power-saving monitors that feature the newest LED display technology. Providing unbeaten dynamic contrast for flat-screen monitors, Fujitsu is introducing a choice of LED displays ranging from the economy 19-inch to the wide-screen 27-inch model.

22 July 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Offers SMBs IT Management Unified Experience with System Center Essentials 2010

Munich, July 22, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces the global availability of a comprehensive IT management solution, Microsoft Corp's System Center Essentials 2010 (SCE 2010), pre-integrated with Fujitsu's PRIMERGY ServerView system management software.

21 July 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Presents New Zero-Watt Technology PRIMERGY Server

Munich, July 21, 2010 – With the PRIMERGY TX100 S2, Fujitsu presents a new, very energy-efficient entry-level server, at the price of a PC. The system is ideal for small and medium-size businesses that are seeking to increase the productivity of their office environment through the consolidation of IT tasks such as network printing, data archiving and the provision of network drives. In addition to a keen price-performance ratio, Fujitsu's Zero-Watt technology keeps energy consumption to a minimum, helping to further lower IT operating costs.

19 July 2010  The Netherlands
Multi-input touch panel

Hoofddorp, July 19, 2010 – Fujitsu ComponentsEurope B.V. expanded its touch panel productrange by releasing the multi-input resistive touchpanel. The new touch panel is able to detectsimultaneous input actions; finger and stylus actioncan be performed at the same time.

15 July 2010  UK
PFU augments EMEA sales and marketing team with two new corporate appointments

London, July 15, 2010 – PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited, responsible for the sales and marketing activities of Fujitsu document scanners, today announced the appointment of Doug Rudolph as General Manager of Marketing and Katarzyna Chentko, as Country Manager for Eastern Europe to build on its existing success in EMEA markets.

14 July 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Launches PRIMERGY TX200 S6 Bringing New Levels of Performance and Efficiency

Munich, July 14, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces the global availability of the next generation of the PRIMERGY TX200 S6 dual-socket x86 tower server, combining efficient hardware and service offerings for use in virtualization or database scenarios in smaller environments. Now including the new Intel Xeon processor 5600 series, it joins the range of dual-socket servers introduced in March – comprising the PRIMERGY tower server TX300 S6, PRIMERGY rack servers RX200 S6 and RX300 S6, and PRIMERGY blade servers BX920 S2 as well as the new BX922.

13 July 2010  Germany
Fujitsu 8-Socket Server Brings x86 Price Performance into Mission-Critical Computing

Munich, July 13, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces the global availability of a new performance class of industry-standard servers to drive x86 economical benefits into the mission-critical computing realm, the new PRIMERGY RX900 S1 x86 eight-socket rack server.

6 July 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Extends PRIMERGY Dynamic Cube Portfolio for All-in-One Server Flexibility

Munich, July 6, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces the global availability of three new server blades for its flagship PRIMERGY BX900 ‘Dynamic Cube' x86 blade system. The new additions, including a quad-socket blade, all combine the efficient hardware, service offerings and solutions of Fujitsu Dynamic Infrastructures with the latest Intel Xeon processor technology.

30 June 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Promotes ‘Dynamic Cube Starter Kit' to Drive Effectiveness and Reduce Costs

Munich, June 30, 2010 – Fujitsu today launches the PRIMERGY ‘Dynamic Cube Starter Kit' in selected countries. The promotion is designed to convincingly demonstrate to medium-sized and larger businesses the benefits delivered by Fujitsu Dynamic Infrastructures and server virtualization in driving their business effectiveness and cutting their IT costs. Every new Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX900 S1 x86 blade server enclosure ordered before the end of 2010 will come complete with the virtual IO management software, Fujitsu ServerView VIOM (Virtual IO Manager), plus one year's free service and support.

28 June 2010  UK
Innovative New Technology Transforms Concessionary Travel in London

London, June 28, 2010 – In delivering over one million new Freedom Passes, Fujitsu and London Councils have pioneered new technology that has transformed concessionary travel for older and disabled Londoners.

25 June 2010  UK
Fujitsu is Named Amongst London’s Top Carbon Cutters

London, June 25, 2010 – Fujitsu has been recognised for its green credentials - the IT company was one of only nine organisations to be presented with a prestigious Diamond Award at the recent Green500 annual awards ceremony.

24 June 2010  Germany
Kai Flore to Leave Fujitsu Technology Solutions

Munich, June 24, 2010 – Fujitsu today announced that with immediate effect Kai Flore ceased to be President & CEO of Fujitsu Technology Solutions. Until a successor has been identified, Richard Christou, currently Chairman at Fujitsu Technology Solutions, will take on the role of Executive Chairman and the management council will report directly to him.

14 June 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Launches Comprehensive Managed SAP IT Infrastructure Service

Munich, June 14, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces that it will strengthen its SAP portfolio with the rollout of a comprehensive Managed SAP IT Infrastructure service designed to help larger mid-sized businesses and enterprises operate their SAP environments more efficiently, while at the same time reducing associated cost and risk factors.

11 June 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Introduces New ESPRIMO Models Based on Latest AMD Processors

Munich, , June 11, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces two new ESPRIMO models based on the latest AMD PC platform, ready to cope with the most demanding desktop tasks. Combining AMD's new six-core processors with Fujitsu's technology, the new ESPRIMO models provide business users with maximum performance and reliability, even when running the most complex applications. An integral part of Fujitsu's Dynamic Infrastructures portfolio, the AMD-powered ESPRIMO models ensure the necessary power and performance for the challenges of the future.

10 June 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Simplifies Disk-Based Backup with Symantec OST Integration

Munich, June 10, 2010 – Fujitsu today announced the validated integration of the Fujitsu ETERNUS CS800 deduplication data protection appliance with Symantec NetBackup, via the Symantec OpenStorage (OST) Application Programming Interface (API).

31 May 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Enters European Arena with PRIMERGY High Performance Computing

Munich/Hamburg, May 31, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces that it plans to expand in Europe its x86 PRIMERGY server-based High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions which enable engineers and scientists to achieve breakthrough innovation. Fujitsu, the HPC market leader in Japan, will start the roll-out in Germany and the UK, while the second phase will offer HPC Cluster availability in France and Italy.

18 May 2010  Germany
LIFEBOOK New Single Brand for All Fujitsu Notebooks

Munich, May 18, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces that LIFEBOOK is now the single brand for its full range of notebooks. A premier notebook brand with a 20-year heritage, LIFEBOOK reflects Fujitsu's core values of innovation, reliability, green and human-centric design, and is an instrumental component of Fujitsu's Dynamic Infrastructures portfolio.

17 May 2010  UK
Forestry Commission Awards Fujitsu Five Year Contract to Manage IT Estate

London, May 17, 2010 – Britain's largest land manager, the Forestry Commission, has awarded Fujitsu a new five-year contract to maintain all of its ICT hardware across the Commission in England, Scotland and Wales.

14 May 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Launches CELSIUS Workstation Portfolio Optimized for Adobe

Munich, May 14, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces an expanded portfolio of CELSIUS workstations specially optimized for Adobe. Now optimized for Creative Suite 5, Fujitsu's CELSIUS W380, CELSIUS W480, CELSIUS M470-2 and CELSIUS R570-2 provide design professionals with a comprehensive selection of CELSIUS workstations ideally suited for their needs. All the systems have been specially configured to ensure optimum performance and stability for creative professionals working in online, print and video media.

7 May 2010  Germany
New Benchmarks Confirm Fujitsu PRIMERGY Leadership as Best Performing 8-Core, Dual-Socket Systems for Virtualized Environments

Munich, May 7, 2010 – Reaffirming its number one position as the powerful heart of a virtualized server infrastructure, Fujitsu today announced that the best-selling PRIMERGY RX300 S6 x86 rack server has achieved a new world record VMmark benchmark1. Delivering flexibility to meet varying customer needs, Fujitsu simultaneously demonstrates outstanding performance over two form factors, with the recently launched virtualization-specialized PRIMERGY BX922 S2 x86 blade server, jumping straight into the number two slot on the same benchmark category.

5 May 2010  UK
CIOs Must Now Focus on the Benefits of Application Outsourcing

London, May 5, 2010 – Applications represent 40-60% of most IT budgets but have yet to be significantly outsourced A London Business School report commissioned by Fujitsu sets out recommendations for making application outsourcing successful.

4 May 2010  Germany
Fujitsu External Disk Storage Revenues Grew Double-Digits in EMEA in Q4 2009

Munich, May 4, 2010 – Fujitsu achieved a 16 percent year-on-year growth in sales revenues in EMEA during the fourth quarter of 2009, according to figures* published by the international market intelligence firm, IDC. This industry-leading revenue growth was achieved ahead of a broadly declining market trend.

30 April 2010  Germany
State-of-the-art data centre established in Southern Germany

Neckarsulm, April 30, 2010 – One of the most advanced data centres in Germany is to soon go into service. TDS's new facility, with approximately 4,000 square metres of floor space, was erected in Neuenstadt in Baden-Württemberg at a cost of over 10 million euros. Initially, it will be able to house more than 3,500 servers. It will ensure the highest standards in terms of security and reliability, and boast excellent energy efficiency. TDS will now be able to offer additional resources for existing and new customers, since growing IT outsourcing demands are pushing existing data centres to their limits. TDS will also be in a position to provide its parent Fujitsu with additional resources. TDS already serves a number of national and international Fujitsu customers.

28 April 2010  UK
3663 Signs Five Year IT Managed Service Contract with Fujitsu

London, April 28, 2010 – 3663 First for Foodservice, the UK's leading distributor to the foodservice sector, has signed a five year IT managed service contract with Fujitsu, a leading IT systems, services and products company.

26 April 2010  Germany
Fujitsu's ETERNUS DX440 Smashes Storage Price-Performance World Record

Munich, April 26, 2010 – Independent benchmark results published today show that Fujitsu's ETERNUS DX440 is not only the world's fastest* dual controller mid-range disk storage system, but also has the world's best price/performance ratio*. With high-end enterprise features and multi-platform support, the speedy ETERNUS DX440 resolves IT administrators' needs for high-performing storage while also capping costs.

26 April 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Extends Notebook Battery Runtimes

Munich, April 26, 2010 – Fujitsu's new LIFEBOOK notebooks increase battery runtimes by as much as 75 percent* from the previous generation, with batteries that last through even the longest flights and workdays.

21 April 2010  Germany
Excellent advice and assistance

Neckarsulm, April 21, 2010 – SAP has certified TDS as a VAR Service and Support Organisation for its activities in Germany, in line with the very latest criteria. Certification recognises the outstanding support that the TDS helpdesk provides to administrators and users. It also confirms that TDS' organisational structures and technologies comply with SAP's stringent support standards. The criteria considered by SAP include support infrastructure, quality assurance, and support and maintenance processes. Currently, TDS supports around 100 licensed SAP customers, responding to approximately 6,000 requests per year.

21 April 2010  Germany
Fujitsu PRIMERGY ‘Virtualization Powerhouse' For Every Need

Munich, April 21, 2010 – Fujitsu today starts shipping the new generation of tower, rack and blade servers, designed to deliver businesses a ‘Virtualization Powerhouse' capable of running even the most-complex virtualized server environments. The massive performance advantage of new Fujitsu PRIMERGY dual-socket systems - comprising the fastest processors, the highest I/O output, the most energy-efficient power supplies, and the largest disk capacities in the new Fujitsu ETERNUS JX40 storage subsystems - is also backed by Fujitsu's optimization service.

19 April 2010  UK
Fujitsu gets on Track with Newly Launched Online Rail Ticketing Service

London, April 19, 2010 – Today's newly launched online rail ticket booking site is using Fujitsu's 'Rail Information Booking Services' (RIBS) as its gateway to access central rail industry information such as national reservation systems and ticket and departure services including daily fare and timetable updates

19 April 2010  UK
Fujitsu to Double Size of its Applications Business in Ambitious 3-Year Plan

London, April 19, 2010 – Fujitsu has announced an ambitious 3-year plan to grow its Applications Division, expanding the number of existing Fujitsu customers and growing the number of new customers within the business.

16 April 2010  Japan and Germany
Fujitsu and Technische Universität München Develop World's First DNA-based Revolutionary Bio-Sensor Technology

Kawasaki, Japan and Munich, Germany, April 16, 2010 – Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. and the Technische Universität München ("TUM", Technical University Munich) today announced the joint development of a completely novel bio-sensor technology. The new technology, the first of its kind in the world, works by inducing a cyclical motion in negatively charged DNA and measuring its movement, to enable quick detection of proteins. The human body contains tens of thousands of different types of proteins, each playing an important role. By measuring fluctuations in proteins that are associated with certain diseases, it will be possible to offer diagnoses that are more accurate, enable earlier detection of the presence of diseases, and prescribe treatments that are more effective. As this technology can accurately measure proteins in just 1/100th the time of previous methods, it is expected to have a significant impact on health maintenance and disease prevention. With support from Fujitsu Laboratories, the team driving the technology at TUM will be commercializing it through the EXIST incubation program run by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. Business plans centered on this new technology recently won two German business plan competitions, which recognized both the advanced technical achievement behind the technology and its strong commercial potential.

15 April 2010  Germany
Robert Battenstein appointed new member of TDS executive board

Neckarsulm, April 15, 2010 – TDS has appointed Robert Battenstein, managing director of the HR Services & Solutions business unit, as a member of the executive board. By creating a post on the board solely responsible for HR Services & Solutions, TDS is taking into account the increasing significance of this market. Thanks to its continual growth, the market now contributes over 50 million euros in revenues to TDS's business. Fellow board member, Konrad Meier, will continue to head IT Outsourcing. Chairman of the board and CFO, Dr. Heiner Diefenbach, will remain in charge of the IT Consulting business unit and its finances.

14 April 2010  The Netherlands
Fujitsu's New Receipt/Journal Printer Units

Hoofddorp, April 14, 2010 – Fujitsu Components Europe B.V. recently added two new receipt and journal printer units to its product range. These 24V low-profile units can be described with just one single word; EASY. Easy usage, easy operation and easy integration are the keywords to define the FTP-627USL525 and 526.

12 April 2010  The Netherlands
Fujitsu at Kiosk Europe Expo 2010

Hoofddorp, April 12, 2010 – Fujitsu Components Europe B.V. will be exhibiting at the world’s largest Kiosk show of this year, the Kiosk Europe Expo 2010 in Essen, Germany.

8 April 2010  Switzerland
Daniel Hieke appointed new operational director of TDS HR Services & Solutions Switzerland AG

Regensdorf (CH), April 8, 2010 – Daniel Hieke, 47, has been named operational director of TDS HR Services & Solutions Switzerland AG. Mr Hieke has extensive experience of senior HR management roles in medium- and large-sized companies operating in life sciences, IT and consulting. He has been responsible for establishing and expanding TDS' new Swiss subsidiary in Regensdorf since 1April 2010.

7 April 2010  Germany
Fujitsu's PRIMERGY CX1000 Sets Ground-Breaking SPECpower Benchmark in 2-Socket Xeon 5500 series server class

Munich, April 7, 2010 – Fujitsu today announced the first independent server performance benchmark for its PRIMERGY CX1000 Cloud extension server. Validating its revolutionary, power-efficient system design, the PRIMERGY CX1000 has achieved a new best-in-class record for the SPECpower ssj2008 benchmark, which measures power efficiency, one of the key operating cost drivers in datacenter economics.

31 March 2010  Germany
Fujitsu x10sure Integrated Storage Changes the Rules of High Availability IT for SMBs

Munich, March 31, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces x10sure IS (Integrated Storage), a reliable and low-cost High Availability solution for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 that eliminates the expense and need for additional storage. x10sure IS introduces a second model to Fujitsu's x10sure line-up, and focuses on the specific needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) for affordable, easy-to-manage system protection.

31 March 2010  Germany
New Quad-Socket FUJITSU PRIMERGY Delivers Mission-Critical x86 Servers

Munich, March 31, 2010 – Fujitsu today introduces new high-end quad-socket PRIMERGY servers providing a compelling combination of best-ever performance, unrivalled system density and x86 industry standard server economics.

30 March 2010  UK
Bolton Council Awards Three-Year ICT Contract to Fujitsu

London, March 30, 2010 – Bolton Council has awarded Fujitsu a three-year contract worth £7.6m to provide ICT services for the council.

29 March 2010  Germany
Free ServerView software simplifies physical and virtual server management

Munich, March 29, 2010 – Fujitsu today introduces ServerView Resource Coordinator VE Preview (RCVE Preview), an entry-level version of its popular server management software that helps simplify the management of physical and virtual servers within PRIMERGY blade environments.

23 March 2010  The Netherlands
Fujitsu Latching Relays - Cost efficient and eco friendly

Hoofddorp, March 23, 2010 – Fujitsu had designed alarge range of 1 and 2 coil latching relays which isnow expanded with the V2/V3 power relays

23 March 2010  The Netherlands
New wireless modules at Kiosk Europe 2010

Hoofddorp, March 23, 2010 – New wireless modules from Fujitsu Components Europe can be viewed on Stand 3C.26 at Kiosk Europe 2010

19 March 2010  Germany
New Eco Keyboard Underlines Fujitsu's Green IT Pioneering

Munich, March 19, 2010 – Today, Fujitsu introduces the first keyboard to be made from renewable materials using injection molding technology – saving CO2 emissions by moving away from plastic components. The new keyboard replaces 45 percent of plastic components with materials from renewable sources, promoting sustainable production and reducing reliance on oil. Fujitsu's new eco keyboard also has sustainable pricing, priced to match comparable plastic models.

17 March 2010  Germany/Japan
Fujitsu PRIMERGY CX1000 Platform Rewrites Cloud Computing Price-Performance Rules

Munich/Brühl/Tokyo, March 17, 2010 – Fujitsu today rewrites the datacenter rule book in introducing the revolutionary PRIMERGY Cloud eXtension server. The PRIMERGY CX1000 provides unprecedented levels of scale-out capability, ideal for Cloud environments, and sets new standards in datacenter economics by optimizing the operating cost drivers of power, heat and space.

17 March 2010  Germany/Japan
PRIMERGY CX1000 Technical Backgrounder

Munich/Brühl/Tokyo, March 17, 2010 – Fujitsu took server design back to basics to provide the new PRIMERGY CX1000 with unprecedented levels of scale-out capability and set new standards in datacenter economics by optimizing the operating cost drivers of power, heat and space.

16 March 2010  Germany
Fujitsu's Expanded proGREEN Portfolio is Green, Powerful and Affordable

Munich, March 16, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces an extended proGREEN selection, including two ESPRIMO PCs, two LIFEBOOK notebooks and two CELSIUS workstations, in response to channel partner requests to expand the popular line. Providing energy-saving, high-end systems at competitive prices, the expanded proGREEN selection meets a range of user needs for those on the move, in the office, or looking for workstation power.

16 March 2010  Germany
Fujitsu PRIMERGY Dual-Socket x86 Server Range Launched with Intel Xeon 5600 Processor Series

Munich, March 16, 2010 – Fujitsu announces the global availability of the next generation of its PRIMERGY dual-socket x86 server family, combi-ning efficient hardware, service offerings, and solutions for comprehensive virtualization scenarios. The range – comprising the PRIMERGY tower server TX300 S6, PRIMERGY rack servers RX200 S6 and RX300 S6, and PRIMERGY blade servers BX920 S2 as well as the new BX922 S2 – has been re-launched, and now includes the new Intel Xeon 5600 processor series, the first 32nm processors (codenamed Westmere).

12 March 2010  UK
Fujitsu Awarded All Three Lots in Buying Solutions' Commoditised IT Hardware and Software Framework Agreement

London, March 12, 2010 – Fujitsu has been awarded all three Lots in Buying Solutions' Commoditised IT Hardware and Software framework agreement, and is the only manufacturer of IT hardware to be awarded all three Lots.

3 March 2010  UK
Fujitsu Recognised by the Carbon Trust Standard for Carbon Reduction

London, March 3, 2010 – Fujitsu has been presented with the ‘Carbon Trust Standard’ for reducing its carbon footprint by 1.7%. The award – which recognises commitment to measuring and reducing carbon emissions – was given to the UK and Ireland services division of Fujitsu known formally as “Fujitsu Services Holdings Plc” following an extensive evaluation period.

2 March 2010  Germany
One touch scanning power at your fingertips for both Mac and Windows

Hanover, March 2, 2010 – At CeBIT 2010, PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited today announced the launch of its latest model - ScanSnap S1300. ScanSnap S1300 is a compact scanning solution for both Windows and Mac operating systems that creates PDF files from double sided multipage paper documents by simply pressing a button.

2 March 2010  Germany
PFU Imaging Solutions at CeBIT 2010

Hanover, March 2, 2010 – PFU Imaging Solutions Limited will showcase new document scan solutions at the booth of Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH in Hall 9, booth C60. The highlight of this year's presentation at CeBIT will be the launch of the latest model in the ScanSnap range – S1300.

1 March 2010  UK
Fujitsu Awarded HM Government's 'Desktop21' Framework Agreement

London, March 1, 2010 – The national procurement partner for UK public services, Buying Solutions, in collaboration with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and the Office of Government Commerce (OGC), has awarded a framework agreement to Fujitsu as one of the three “Tier One” suppliers to provide desktop services to the wider public sector as part of its four-year Desktop21 framework agreement which starts on 1st March 2010.

1 March 2010  Germany
CeBIT 2010: Fujitsu Focuses on IT Dynamic Infrastructures

Munich / Hannover, March 1, 2010 – At CeBIt 2010, Fujitsu presents an overview of the company's solutions and services on the theme of “Dynamic Infrastructures for your Success.” The focus is on Infrastructure-as-a-Service for Server, as well as a comprehensive portfolio of Managed Services. Five halls at CeBIT represent the enterprise, showing how customers from all over the world can use Fujitsu's IT solutions and services to create competitive advantages for their individual businesses.

1 March 2010  Germany
Fujitsu's ManageNow Delivers Immediate Savings

Munich, March 1, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces the extended launch of ManageNow, a management solution portfolio that automates and simplifies complex data center infrastructure management, with a focus on system monitoring and rollout support. An integrated part of Fujitsu's Dynamic Infrastructures, ManageNow enhances performance and improves efficiency and ease of data center operations. ManageNow fully supports cross-vendor solutions and heterogeneous environ-ments.

1 March 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Kicks-Off Product Carbon Footprint Initiative

Munich, March 1, 2010 – Fujitsu today launches its Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) Initiative, intended to enable the company to determine and report PCF information for new products developed and manufactured by Fujitsu Technology Solutions. The initiative is based on Fujitsu's comprehensive experience gained over many years in Life Cycle Assessment activities in Japan.

1 March 2010  Germany
Zero Client from Fujitsu available for CeBIT

Munich, March 1, 2010 – Fujitsu's Zero Client will be available in time for CeBIT: the Zero Client D602 with a 22-inch screen, the first of a number of Zero Client systems, will be orderable in March. Fujitsu will present one of its tradeshow highlights, the first “real” Zero Client, in hall 4. The Zero Client is a front-end solution with all the advantages of a Thin Client and even more. Constructed as an intelligent display, the Zero Client needs only a LAN and power connection. In the second half of the year models will support Power over Ethernet and will therefore be useable with only one cable – the LAN cable.

24 February 2010  United Kingdom
PFU Promotes Success through Partnership

London, February 24, 2010 – PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited (PFUL), formerly Fujitsu Europe Limited (FEL), is organizing it’s 3rd Imaging Channel Conference, to be held in Prague, Czech Republic, on April 12th to 14th 2010.

24 February 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Makes Server Virtualization More Accessible to SMBs

Munich, February 24, 2010 – Fujitsu today announced a new initiative aimed at helping small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) take advantage of the business-boosting benefits of switching to server virtualization. ‘My Very First Hyper-V' combines hardware and software components to provide an affordable, easy-to-manage entry point to server virtualization, offering SMBs significantly-reduced fixed and operational costs, as well as increased system flexibility and availability.

23 February 2010  UK
Fujitsu wins top Oracle award

London, February 23, 2010 – Oracle UK has presented Fujitsu with the 2010 award for Technology System Integrator Partner of the Year.

23 February 2010  Germany
New turnkey package the key to success

Neckarsulm, February 23, 2010 – At CeBIT 2010, TDS will present a ready-to-go end-to-end package for customer relationship management (CRM) (Hall 4, Stand E20), in collaboration with Fujitsu and management consultants movento. For a fixed price, the package includes SAP CRM 7.0, a stand-alone solution configured to the customer's needs, plus SAP licences for ten users. This a truly comprehensive offering, with consulting, implementation and a Fujitsu Primergy Server. Companies with no other SAP software in place can now introduce SAP CRM quickly and easily to strengthen their sales activities.

18 February 2010  Germany
Great service for great brands

Neckarsulm/Hamburg, February 18, 2010 – TDS, a one-stop provider of IT outsourcing and HR services, has been awarded a key contract by Unilever, one of the world's leading suppliers of branded consumer goods. From 1 January 2011, TDS will be responsible for all payroll-related tasks for 7,200 employees in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (TDS already has a successful track record working with Unilever in Austria). In addition, TDS will implement and operate a new SAP HCM system, including an integrated time management solution. The SAP software will be run from TDS' data centres in Germany - a transfer of employees is part of the agreement.

15 February 2010  UK
Fujitsu Wins the UK's Biggest Desktop and Thin Client Outsource Deal

London, February 15, 2010 – Fujitsu has today signed the contract with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to manage and transform desktop computing for all of its staff in locations across the UK.

12 February 2010  Germany
Fujitsu's New ESPRIMO Mini PCs are Small, Quiet and Efficient

Munich, February 12, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces the availability of two new models in the ESPRIMO family; the tiny but perfectly formed ESPRIMO Q9000 and ESPRIMO Q1510. Small but powerful, the new additions are the only fully-equipped mini PCs of their size and feature all-new 2010 Intel® Core processors. The mini PCs are also the most power-efficient and near silent in operation, making them popular in either an office or home setting and providing an efficient gateway into Fujitsu's dynamic infrastructures offering.

11 February 2010  Germany
Fujitsu's PRIMERGY Server Sets Ground-Breaking SPECpower Benchmark

Munich, February 11, 2010 – Fujitsu's PRIMERGY TX150 S7 all-round mono socket server is the world's most energy-efficient in its class, setting a new SPECpower ssj2008 world record and achieving ENERGY STAR 1.0 Family certification. The ground-breaking energy consumption result, in line with benchmark testing guidelines established by the independent body SPEC, underlines how Fujitsu continues to strengthen a cornerstone of its Dynamic Infrastructure Portfolio with PRIMERGY servers that truly deliver new levels of performance, innovation and efficiency.

4 February 2010  UK
ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

London, February 4, 2010 – Home Office and Fujitsu successfully deliver Shared Services platform enabling substantial savings in back office costs

1 February 2010  Germany
Fujitsu x10sure 3.1 Extends Virtualization Capabilities to Offer Great Value and Flexibility

Munich, February 1, 2010 – Fujitsu today extends the virtualization and automation capabilities of its innovatively-simple and cost-effective IT consolidation platform x10sure. In version 3.1, x10sure reaches new levels of high availability and downtime reduction protection, at significantly lower costs than clustering. Designed further to enable small- to medium-sized enterprises to improve system availability while significantly reducing IT operational costs in running Windows and Linux applications on x86/x64, x10sure 3.1 is now available in more than 20 countries in Central Europe, Middle East, Africa, and India (CEMEA&I).

28 January 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Integrates Deduplication into ETERNUS CS Data Protection Appliances

Munich, January 28, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces data deduplication technology across its range of ETERNUS CS data protection appliances on a global basis. Advanced deduplication provides a simple and affordable solution for organizations with a disk-based backup strategy. A new entry-level ETERNUS CS model, the ETERNUS CS800, targeted at mid-market customers, also joins the line-up.

27 January 2010  Japan
Fujitsu Enhances and Expands Entry-Level ETERNUS Disk Storage Range

Munich/Tokyo, January 27, 2010 – Fujitsu today introduces enhancements to its entry-level ETERNUS disk storage range, including management software, a new ETERNUS DX90 model featuring storage-based replication capabilities, and the availability of space- and energy-saving base units for use with 2.5-inch drives.

25 January 2010  The Netherlands
Wireless modules

Hoofddorp, January 25, 2010 – New wireless modules broaden the Fujitsu Components Europe B.V. product range. The wireless module product range, including WLAN, Bluetooth, and GPS solutions, has recently been taken over from Fujitsu Media Devices and will soon make its way onto the European market.

13 January 2010  United Kingdom
Enjoying the luxury of paper in a digital world

London, January 13, 2010 – PFU launches ScanSnap S1500 Deluxe

12 January 2010  UK
Fujitsu awarded all six Lots in Buying Solutions' latest framework agreement

London, January 12, 2010 – The national procurement partner for UK public services, Buying Solutions, has awarded Fujitsu a place on the framework agreement for all six Lots of the recent 'Software Application Solutions' (SAS) provision.

7 January 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Debuts New PRIMERGY Mono-Socket Servers

Munich, January 7, 2010 – Fujitsu's new generation mono-socket PRIMERGY rack and tower servers represent a leap in technical innovation, delivering excellent customer value and versatility, and unlocking advanced performance capabilities at keenly competitive prices. The next-generation PRIMERGY TX150 S7 tower and RX100 S6 rack servers are available worldwide immediately [1].

7 January 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Expands CELSIUS Workstation Portfolio

Munich, January 7, 2010 – Fujitsu today announces an expanded portfolio of CELSIUS workstations featuring the latest Intel® Core™ and Intel Xeon® processors. With the new CELSIUS W280, CELSIUS W380 and CELSIUS W480, Fujitsu offers a comprehensive selection of application-optimized professional workstations, designed to increase productivity in a variety of business environments, ranging from entry-level to advanced.

7 January 2010  Germany
Fujitsu Launches Powerful New Notebooks, PCs and Workstations

Munich, January 7, 2010 – Fujitsu today unveils the new notebook, PC and workstation portfolios, timed to market with Intel's latest technology: the 2010 Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 processors released at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) today. With fifteen new products in the client portfolio, Fujitsu's newest LIFEBOOK notebooks, ESPRIMO PCs and CELSIUS workstations offer faster performance, greater efficiency and improved security features.