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Current version: V11.0

The ARCHIVE product offers users and system administrators alike a powerful file backup system that is optimized for ease of use. The high performance of ARCHIVE makes it suitable for logical backup of high volumes of data. ARCHIVE can also be used to transfer files to other BS2000 systems (data exchange). ARCHIVE is a disk- and tape-oriented product, i.e. disk files from public or private volumes can be saved to and restored from other disks or magnetic tapes. ARCHIVE operates in both interactive and batch mode.

These are the main functions: 
  • File backup / restore 
  • File transfer between BS2000 systems 
  • Maintenance of backup directories 
  • Restart capabilities 
  • Optional linkup with the MAREN magnetic media management system 
  • Data compression for backup operations, 
  • Support for key/non-key conversion 
  • Cooperation with HSMS.
ARCHIVE is available as stand alone-product or bundled with HSMS.