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Server Virtualisation, Utilisation and Efficiency

Many computer applications have traditionally run on a dedicated server resulting in an inefficient utilisation of server resources. Server virtualisation means the operations of several individual servers can be run on one physical server.

Underutilised hardware is the most significant contributor to excessive IT related energy consumption. Fujitsu’s virtualisation solutions allow organisations to reduce their carbon footprint, minimise waste, achieve robust business continuity and save money.

Reduced power consumption, reduced environmental impact

Fujitsu provides organisations with the solutions you need to reduce your environmental footprint. Server virtualisation dramatically reduces energy consumption translating to much lower carbon emissions and minimises hazardous e-waste. Australia’s high rate of server consolidation take up is indicative of the tremendous opportunity virtualisation represents for organisations to reduce the impact their IT has on the environment.

Many servers sit idle 85-95% of the time yet use nearly as much power as they do when they are active. Adding to that are the power inefficiencies associated with ageing equipment. The overall reduction in the amount of hardware and infrastructure associated with virtualisation yields a corresponding reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

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