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SAP NetWeaver, the new technology platform for SAP R/3 Enterprise and, represents the future for extending and enhancing SAP.

SAP NetWeaver is a single integration platform that:

  • Leverages core SAP strengths - proven, mission-critical operation
  • Is integrated to SAP out of the box for a low total cost of ownership
  • Delivers the foundation to serve all application needs
  • Is built to extend SAP and to integrate non-SAP applications

Let Fujitsu help you extend the benefits of your existing systems by introducing NetWeaver into your organisation.

Fujitsu is a member of the SAP NetWeaver Partner Initiative and has a Centre of Excellence focused on NetWeaver technologies. This allows us to support our full lifecycle Consult - Design - Build - Operate approach with:

  • The latest end-to-end services
  • Our own SAP NetWeaver competence centre
  • An advanced hosting service for SAP NetWeaver

Fujitsu offers a comprehensive five-step approach to upgrade organisations to SAP NetWeaver. Our approach will position your company for flexible growth, providing clearly defined steps, distinct goals, and transparency throughout the process.

The five-step approach is structured as follows:

Assessment Phase

Step one - Fujitsu experts assess the big picture. We use a variety of tools to evaluate your SAP system and determine the effort involved to upgrade to SAP NetWeaver.

Step two - Our experts collaborate with your business analysts and key business users to agree a roadmap for implementing SAP NetWeaver. Our consultants will determine which modules will generate the most benefits, and in which order to implement BI, Portals, an x-App, mySAP SCM RFID, Enterprise Product Content Management or any one of a multitude of other integrated solutions.


Step three - Fujitsu experts provide a full ongoing program plan for enhancements to your SAP system, and integration or migration of legacy systems and data from external sources.

Implementation and beyond

Step four - Fujitsu experts and your business analysts implement the plan, with full testing and training.

Step five - Go live, support and continuous improvement.

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