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SAP Solutions for Mid Market

Fujitsu and SAP providing solutions for mid enterprise

Today’s highly competitive business landscape is forcing midsize enterprises to constantly re-evaluate their strategies and adjust their business to meet global and local market forces. It is crucial to have a software solution that enables quick execution of changes in strategy while sustaining innovation and strengthening customer relations.

Fujitsu’s Integrated Template “FIT”, is based on SAP Best Practices to provide mid market organisations rapid deployment for low cost and risk.

SAP Best Practices (SAP All In One or SAP A1) is a fully documented and enterprise-ready prototype that enables quick deployment into a productive environment. Helping to control costs, reduce risk, and immediately experience the benefits of SAP.

Fujitsu has repeatedly demonstrated its expertise in deploying SAP rapidly for low cost and low risk. The following solutions are available today:

  • FIT ERP Baseline
  • FIT Services Industry
  • FIT Retail
  • FIT Wholesale Trade

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