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What is FlexFrame?

FlexFrame for mySAP Business Suite is a radically new infrastructure architecture for mySAP environments. FlexFrame is a simplified, proven and future-proofed solution that exploits the latest business-critical computing technology to deliver major cost savings for SAP customers.

FlexFrame replaces yesterday's environment of many dedicated, complex servers with a modular concept that incorporates the latest server and blade technology. Using FlexFrame, mySAP solutions can be consolidated on a single, easily-managed, integrated platform. FlexFrame's unique technology allows hardware resources to be allocated on demand to mySAP solutions with minimal intervention. The result is a responsive infrastructure with unparalleled flexibility to keep pace with changing business demands.

FlexFrame's innovative architecture costs less to implement than conventional technology and delivers major ongoing operational benefits and direct cost savings in system administration. In extensive tests at automotive parts manufacturer, Hella Corporation, SAP solutions running on FlexFrame cut operational expenses by 30 per cent and substantially increased service levels.

With its seamless scalability from 50 to several thousand users, FlexFrame fits a wide variety of customer environments. End users benefit from reduced downtime and higher service levels due to FlexFrame's inherent high availability.

FlexFrame was designed in close cooperation with SAP AG and Network Appliance, FlexFrame is the first realisation of an SAP-certified 'Adaptive Computing Infrastructure' for SAP's NetWeaver technology. It is a future-proofed foundation on which companies can confidently deploy the latest mySAP solutions.

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