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A growing area of interest for our clients is how business intelligence (BI) can be used to improve working methods and employee effectiveness. A good understanding of BI allows you to:
  • Make tactical decisions to improve business processes
  • Make strategic decisions to gain competitive advantage
  • Make decisions to achieve goals set by the executive board

With the increase of enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations through mergers and acquisitions and Web enablement, BI applications have focused on providing integrated information for decision-making across the extended enterprise.

Historically SAP BW has exploited data-warehousing and online analytical processing (OLAP) technologies in providing information to assist decision-making. With improved decision-making, a need arises for strategic enterprise solutions to help senior management to manage and guide the internal and external aspects of their companies. This need has resulted in SAP SEM solutions including BPS, BCS, Corporate Performance Monitor and BIC.

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