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SAP Archiving

Fujitsu's SAP Data Archiving service can help keep the size of your SAP database to manageable proportions, thus ensuring that response times and costs are kept down.

The sheer volume and growth of data in a typical SAP R/3 system often comes as a surprise to many customers. Whilst hardware sizing is an integral part of an SAP implementation, actual requirements, especially for storage, are often underestimated. Did you know that, for a one-terabyte database, the administration costs are typically five to seven times higher than the hardware storage costs?

As the volume of data increases, end-user response times also increase and managing and administering the database becomes more onerous. Fujitsu can help you to identify what data you should archive and can develop and implement an archiving strategy for the longer term.

Fujitsu's SAP data archiving service can deliver:

  • Improved response times
  • Shorter backup and restore times
  • Cheaper DR costs
  • Savings on hardware costs
  • Higher system availability
  • Faster upgrades

Our SAP R/3-certified consultants can discuss the options with you and identify (a) what data you need to archive and (b) the best solution for storing that data.

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