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The best way to manage and protect IT services with just a few clicks

PAN Manager is a software-based approach to build a converged infrastructure which pools compute, I/O, networking and storage resources. PAN Manager leverages Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY blade systems (BX), rack servers (RX) and scale-out systems (CX), as well as networking, storage and converged I/O technologies from leading manufacturers to create a pool of infrastructure that makes it easier to manage, provision and access physical and virtual infrastructure resources. Additionally included failover and disaster recovery capabilities further improves service levels with a single automated recovery plan for physical and virtual servers. As a result infrastructure resources can be provided within a few minutes instead of hours or days – and for a fraction of the costs of traditional approaches. Add-on products, such as the PAN Cloud Director, also facilitate the design, requesting, provisioning and management of IT as a service. The software is a comprehensive tool for the management of the entire lifecycle that provides the user with an easy way of utilizing IT resources. In combination with the PAN Manager it is the only product on the market that allows to manage both physical and virtual resources within a cloud environment.

Key Benefits

  • Open platform choice: The solution provides the ability to use PRIMERGY rack-, blade and scale-out servers to give customers the opportunity to use their preferred platform to build a converged infrastructure. Furthermore, well-known products from leading manufacturers such as Brocade, Cisco, Emulex and NetApp can be used to protect existing investments and skill sets. 
  • Server definition management: Portable specifications to provision servers and move applications quickly from one server to another 
  • On-demand provisioning: Rapid deployment of server definitions on any physical and virtual server 
  • Virtual Machine Instance (VMI): Simplest and most cost-effective way to provision and manage virtual servers with deep integration of open source XenServer 
  • Automated management: Initiation of recovery operations; management of all leading operating systems and hypervisors 
  • Automatic high availability: Failover regardless of software workload and without complex clustering products 
  • Disaster Recovery: Migration of an entire physical and/or virtual server configuration to a secondary location