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Fujitsu QuickSizer for SAP – Your fast and professional Sizing Support for SAP Environments

Upgrading an existing SAP landscape, extending the current environment, or starting from the scratch, all is about optimizing the SAP system workload to the underlying IT infrastructure. This comprises not only CPU power and main memory for the server(s), but also network bandwidth, and the disk storage system regarding capacity and IO performance.

Fujitsu’s Architecture Services support customers in their need for a best fitting SAP landscape in multiple ways: 

  • Existing landscapes can be measured for performance issues, bottlenecks, peak load etc. SystemInspection delivers a reliable basis for a landscape upgrade.
  • Consulting for extension of existing SAP environments considers not only the size of the new component, but also its side effects. Additional SAP systems as well as appliances like Business Warehouse Accelerator (BWA) or In-Memory computing (HANA) cause typically an imbalance in customers SAP landscape.
  • Topical IT trends as SAP HANA, virtualization or datacenter infrastructure (DI) blocks are considered in a landscape design, depending on customers’ needs and datacenter requirements.
  • Complex customer landscapes with many SAP systems, the need for flexibility and high availability together with easy administration realized in FlexFrame for SAP, which exceeds these requirements. Additionally FlexFrame fits typical cloud conditions too.
  • Landscape design considers beside the traditional customer datacenter concept alternative the Managed SAP IT Infrastructure from Fujitsu. The latter eases the customer from datacenter planning concepts, provision, integration, operation and maintenance of the SAP environment. Within the framework of flexible delivery models Fujitsu provides SAP infrastructure operational services either on-site or from its own datacenters. This covers support and maintenance of SAP system basis, databases as well as preventive services, such as backup, restore or disaster recovery.
Fujitsu offers a comprehensive IT product portfolio. The outstanding industry standard server family PRIMERGY and storage options like the Fujitsu ETERNUS family or the unified NetApp storage solutions are key for datacenter infrastructures.

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