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SAP® System Inspection Service

The fast way to optimize your SAP IT infrastructure

Are your SAP servers fully utilized? Fujitsu provides assessment tools and methods to "right size" your infrastructure.

Usage scenarios

  • Elimination of existing or potential performance bottlenecks
  • Adaptation of the infrastructure for new applications and new application releases
  • Sizing of new infrastructures (e.g. new data center, platform migration, consolidation projects)

Key Benefits

  • Avoids over provisioning and unnecessary investments in equipment
  • Increases the quality of service by helping to eliminate or avoid performance bottlenecks
  • Delivers individual and short-term results with minimum effort for the customer
  • Gives clear recommendations on how to optimize the IT infrastructure for SAP

The SystemInspection Collector Tool together with the installation guide and the registration sheet can be ordered via e-mail

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