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Airline Solutions

Airline Solutions

Fujitsu’s PegaSys solution along with its mobility solutions makes the best use of costly resources, and ensuring that the airline runs with minimum disruption to its customers, these are two issues that can make the difference between winning and losing in today's competitive airline environment. From the outset, PegaSys has been designed with these business objectives in mind. In a single system, PegaSys deals with forecasting, strategic resource planning, schedule planning, crew scheduling and operations control all presented in a user friendly graphical format.

Along with the PegaSys solution Fujitsu provides mobility solutions:

Network Aware:

Using mobile devices to cover visualization of the day of operations, this provides a real-time visualization of to name a few, “Flights in the air” with actual status of the flight, “On-Time Performance”, “Passenger Connections” and “Crew Connections”

Crew Mobility:

Using Mobile devices this solution allows Crew to manage and view items such as “Sign-on/off”, “View Rosters” “Bidding” etc.

Why choose Fujitsu for Transportation Solutions?

  • Fujitsu has been working with the aviation industry for more than 25 years, serving some of the world’s leading airlines.
  • As a truly global company, Fujitsu offers worldwide delivery capabilities, including a very strong market position and excellent aviation delivery capabilities in all related regions.
  • As a supplier to the global aviation industry, we understand the challenges that the aviation industry is currently facing, and as a service and solution provider, we provide vital expertise to support our clients as they navigate their way to future growth.


Fujitsu Transportation Solutions
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