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Market expectations

The 2013 pan European survey among the main European Retailers commissioned by Fujitsu showed that the role of the store is changing. The surveyed Retailers consider the store still as a point of service for consumers, with a drive to increase the store efficiency as well as the store experience of consumers.

Retailers are looking for technologies which can help them realizing this drive. Therefore, Fujitsu is proud to present the U-Reverse, a hybrid check-out which both enhances the store efficiency as well as the store experience.

The U-Reverse: the solution that answers to this drive

U-ReverseU-ReverseRetailers’ biggest challenge in day to day business lays in the management of queues at check-outs. With a big difference of consumer occupation in the store between peak – and off moments, it is difficult to manage the queues at traditional check-outs.

The U-Reverse is a turnkey solution for Retailers facing this challenge. The Fujitsu solution combines a traditional check-out with an integrated self-checkout option. Making it an unique and exclusive hybrid check-out solution within the European market.

Store operators are able to switch from the traditional “manned mode” of the checkout to the “self-mode”. The switch between the two modes is realized in less than two minutes. The self-mode of the U-Reverse allows consumers to arrange their checkout themselves. They scan and pay for the articles themselves, without the interference of a store employee. The U-Reverse is able to recycle cash and accept bank cards, giving consumers the possibility to pay in their preferred manner.

The U-Reverse assures that there is an open check-out during the whole day, in peak- or off moments, while the number of store employees remains the same. This gives employees the possibility to spend more time helping consumers, and therefore enhancing the level of service, which is still the main principle of the store. And in addition increase the store efficiency as well as the store experience. This is, as stated before, the most important drive for the main Retailers throughout Europe.