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Information Managment

For any service or knowledge based organization, the need to effectively manage information throughout its lifecycle is a key discipline. From the creation of information to the way it’s stored, shared, found, expired and archived, its management is often both costly and complex.
The current economic environment and focus on cost cutting, along with growing regulatory needs, has made information management an area of increasing focus for client organizations in the private as well as the public sector. In addition, as clients look to retain and grow their customer base, their information assets are being seen as a vital resource in gaining new levels of insight and supporting the transformation in key business processes.
Effective Information Management provides organizations with the opportunity to save 30% of people costs, whilst improving customer service, meeting compliance demands and delivering greater operational agility.

Typical Information Management challenges include:

  • Optimizing and automating key business processes – such as application, grants and permits; customer correspondence and complaint handling; investigations, authoring and publishing
  • Supporting collaboration – through the sharing, exploitation and communication of corporate knowledge
  • Ensuring compliance – with legislation and industry regulations
  • Enabling informed strategic decision-making – supported by business intelligence and content analytics
  • Managing structured and unstructured data – providing a single enterprise-view of clients, projects and partners – and enabling the organization to easily and securely exploit this information
Fujitsu’s approach to Information Management spans:

  • Intelligent Scanning a Capture – solving the problems of capturing and managing paper, through experience in devices like PFU Scanners, managed services, cloud services, business consulting, software expertise.
  • Case Management & Business Process Management – defining, improving and orchestrating processes, using CRM and Business Process Management technologies, to increase efficiency and improve service delivery
  • Team Collaboration – enabling knowledge workers to share information and draw on enterprise-wide expertise, whilst making the most of the latest mobile and communications tools
  • Business Intelligence – applying Business Intelligence (to structured data in data warehouses and databases) and Content Analytics (to documents and emails) to give a single view of all information, supporting more effective decision-makings
  • Archiving and E-discovery – Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Records Management where we capture and secure information, making it available across the business in compliance with regulatory demands and simplifying information access
  • Publishing – enabling greater control of their portals, extranets, intranets and websites, rationalizing their approach, reducing costs and improving information sharing.
Fujitsu is a leading provider of Information Management services. We combine a wealth of industry expertise and experience with proven end-to-end capabilities to help organizations:

  • Maximize the value of their information assets – driving new levels of operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Ensure full alignment with the changing needs of their business and the regulatory environment within which they operate
  • Mitigate the risks and costs involved in managing their information

From Scanner devices with PFU, a Fujitsu company, to storage and archiving architecture with Eternus components, in addition of software solutions like SmartDocs or KnowledgeLake, Fujitsu has a wide spectrum of solutions that is completed with strong alliances and partnerships with the most advanced players on this market. Your advantage as a customers is that they get the complete fulfillment from a single provider including the certainty of a safe, well performing and optimized overall system for your IT-operation.