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PalmSecure OEM Sensor

The Fujitsu PalmSecure OEM Sensor captures an individual´s palm image with a near-infrared light for highly secure logins. The sensor cube is designed specifically for integration in other products and solutions. It provides the opportunity to build custom secure access equipment based on Fujitsu PalmSecure technology.

Technical details

Required interfaceRecommended connector at the Sensor side: ACON brand: MNC12--5K5210 or equivalent
Weight35 g max
Dimensions (W x D x H)35 x 35 x 27 mm
Technical specificationMax. operable lenght of USB cable: 4 m (no USB cable included!),Lighting environment for authentication:,Natural light (sunlight): below 3.000 lux,Fluorescent light: below 3.000 lux,Incandescent / Halogen lamps: below 700 lux,Lighting environment for enrollment:,Natural light (sunlight): below 2.000 lux,Fluorescent light: below 2.000 lux,Incandescent / Halogen lamps: below 500 lux,Encryption scheme: AES 128 bit,Authentiction rate: FRR: 0,01% (1 Retry) , FAR: below 0.00008%,When verifying 1 to 1 under ISO/IEC 19795,MTBF: 1.000.000 hours,Capturing distance: 40 to 60 mm,Power supply: 4.4 to 5.4 V,Power consumption: 2.5W max. provided by USB Interface cable,Current consumption: 500 mA max. / power saving mode: 45 mA max.
Features and functionsHighly secure biometric solution through palm vein authentication. It provides a powerful combination of strong biometric authentication for log-in security, access management and data protection for enterprise environments.
Supported operating systemsWindows 10,Windows 8,Windows 7
Warranty period2 years
Warranty typeBring-In / Send-In Service