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Demonstration center - Fujitsu World Tour 2017 : Fujitsu South Africa

Demonstration center

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The demonstration center is at the heart of the exhibition area and showcases the best of Fujitsu's innovative technology, solutions and services. The area is divided into zones to enable you to find what you're looking for more easily.

We have examples of how technology can improve business efficiency and help you to digitalise, demos of services specifically tailored for different business sectors, biometric security, and a co-creation area to show you how we can work together to innovate and solve business challenges.

Today’s workplace services need to be personalized, integrated, automated and contextual. This means connecting people with data and apps – and with each other – seamlessly and securely.

On the Digital Workplace zone we will show you how we can empower employees with Windows 10, Office365, Azure and Intune, giving them access to familiar tools in a secure, cloud-based Workplace Anywhere environment, increasing their productivity while increasing flexibility.

The service they receive whilst anywhere, at any time, via any device, can be delivered intuitively via 24/7 omni-channel support service, powered by virtual assistants, AI, and cognitive learning.

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In an increasingly digital world organizations and their data are at risk from cyber-threats that change daily.

Robust security controls are required to protect data and comply with regulations that also enable them to function and grow. To avoid the inevitable breach, organisations need to be proactive and prepared. Fujitsu has the expertise and capability to help prepare for, prevent, detect and respond to security threats, based on our experience of over 40 years working in highly secure environments.

Fujitsu provides a comprehensive portfolio of intelligence led security services delivered from our Security Operations Centres, security consultancy and advisory services, Biometrics solutions and products that can help organisations prepare their business in a world of cyber-security threats.

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The world is going digital and not being part of this digital transformation process will not only be a major disadvantage, but can be a huge threat to businesses. In this process, IT plays a massive role and is a crucial key business differentiator, so IT infrastructure must move from a cost centre to a value creator and the data centre must become a centre of business advantage.

Fujitsu provides the foundational technology on which organisations can build their capabilities and achieve more in the digital age. Whether your foundation for success needs leading server and storage technology or you are looking at Converged and Hyperconverged Integrated Systems we have the technology that will enable you to meet your business goals.

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Hyperconnectivity is about helping organisations connect people, information and things to drive business value. This hyperconnected world, enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT), promises to fundamentally change the way we live and work and is a key element of the broader digital transformation that organisations want to make.

In the Hyperconnected Business Zone we will showcase through our live demonstrations and an example day in the life scenario what being hyperconnected means in practice for a business, how does it work to create value and what are the business benefits?

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Organisations have been tackling digital transformation for some time, but have they really exploited its full potential? Many organisations have addressed the low hanging fruit of customer experience, but few have realised the full benefits for customers, employees, partners and shareholders. To do this demands a holistic approach which requires all executives in the organisation to embrace new approaches to transform the business.

Through exciting demos we highlight organisations can master business innovation, customer engagement, enterprise productivity and compliance & wellbeing – at Fujitsu, we call this Enabling Digital.

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Co-creation: photo of people sticking notes to a glass board

Co-creation means bringing together unconnected areas of expertise to find the insights and ideas to drive digital transformation forward taking an open attitude to what the best outcomes can be.

At this year’s World Tours, the Co-Creation station brings the concept of co-creation alive, giving you a flavour of how Fujitsu works with customers partners, suppliers and consumers to imagine the possibilities that digital connections can create and to make them real.

You’ll have the opportunity to build what you imagine to be the future, get inspired with our Activ8 teams, and generate ideas about digital transformation through collaboration

  Find out more about Co-Creation and the Fujitsu Vision.

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Hybrid IT: photo of a man in a yoga pose

Today, one of the key challenges organizations face is defining how to use a mix of cloud based services and infrastructure technologies to deliver new digital solutions that create amazing customer experiences. A seamlessly integrated and orchestrated IT infrastructure is at the heart of Fujitsu’s solution. By blending the right technologies, cloud services and on premise IT systems, the agility that organizations seek is delivered through a Hybrid IT landscape designed for a digital world. Come and find out more about Fujitsu’s Cloud Service K5 – it is the world’s most open, agile and compatible cloud platform that enables organizations to realise continuous competitive advantage.

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