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South Africa One touch scanning power at your fingertips for both Mac and Windows

PFU introduces the World's Smallest Cross-Platform Document Scanner

PFU Imaging Solutions Europe

March 02, 2010

At CeBIT 2010, PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited, within Fujitsu responsible for document scanners, today announced the launch of its latest model - ScanSnap S1300. ScanSnap S1300 is a compact scanning solution for both Windows and Mac operating systems that creates PDF files from double sided multipage paper documents by simply pressing a button. Complete with unique imaging functions and powerful scanning software, the ScanSnap S1300 is suitable for mobile as well as office use. The new ScanSnap can be seen at PFU´s CeBIT showcase at the booth of Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH in Hall 9, booth C 60, plus integrated in an Apple environment at the OS X Business Park in Hall 2, booth A 20

Light and easy mobile scanning

ScanSnap S1300 measures only 284 x 99 x 77 mm and with a weight of 1.4 kg, it is handy, convenient and easily portable. It captures documents from the most common international paper sizes including A4, A5, A6, B5, B6, as well as business cards, post cards and letters, making it ideally suited for scanning in the office and on the move.

The S1300 is able to continuously feed up to 10 sheets, scanning up to 8 double sided colour pages per minute (creating 16 document images stored in one or multiple PDF files) in both black/white or colour.

Its one touch functionality, which converts paper documents into PDF files, ensures that both consumers and professionals can go paperless, store valuable paper documents electronically, and dispose of paper document sheets where appropriate. ScanSnap S1300 is also capable of paper size detection, de-skewing, image orientation correction and blank page removal. The result - digital document images created with visible appeal – exactly the way you like them.

Scan Snap S1300 - light and easy mobile scanning

With the ScanSnap S1300 PFU announces the new generation of the robust, compact and lightweight one button scan solution instantly creating PDF files for both Windows and Mac operating systems. It supports ad hoc scanning requirements as much as regularly scanning double sided, multipage documents. Complete with unique imaging functions and powerful scanning software, ScanSnap S1300 is a lightweight document scanner, suitable for mobile as well as office use. .

ScanSnap S1300 comes with a range of intelligent features, which take the labour out of scanning tasks. The S1300 facilitates simple and speedy PDF generation with the following one touch activated automatic settings and features:

  • Intelligent Indexing, which automatically takes highlighted words or sections of documents and converts them into searchable keywords in order to make your PDF file searches easier and faster
  • Intelligent Automatic Colour Detection, which now employs an advanced greyscale processing to ensure black/white photos and diagrams are digitised in even better image quality
  • Intelligent Cropping* which enables users to easily ‘cut out' digitised copies of newspaper and magazine articles that have been outlined on the original paper document with a highlighter pen (* Available on Windows OS only.)
  • Quick Menu panel, which facilitates speedy flexible use. Users can just choose what they want to do from the Quick Menu, which appears after a document has been scanned

Compatible scanning software

ScanSnap S1300 comes bundled with powerful scanning software, which provides additional functions after scanning. For example, with CardMinder for Windows or Cardiris for Mac OS users can scan large volumes of business cards and manage them in digital business card holders or export to applications like Outlook and Excel. The S1300 features ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap, allowing for direct import of paper documents into Microsoft Office applications like Word and Excel. In a Windows environment, ScanSnap S1300 also links seamlessly with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, providing an onramp for paper documents into this portal system.

ScanSnap S1300 Deluxe additionally features Rack2-Filer V 5.0*. This software provides a uniquely new approach to personal file management solutions. Rack2-Filer enables users to compose virtual binders filled with digital paper and organize these in graphically animated storage racks or cabinets just like with real paper. The new "Easy Flip" Technology almost lets you feel the paper, while virtually flipping through the binder. Especially designed to work with the Fujitsu ScanSnap family of scanners, like the new S1300, Rack2-Filer organizes digitally born documents along with paper documents in one unified virtual space. Any personal organizing structure preferred and appreciated from physical paper can now be provided digitally through Rack2-Filer.

* ScanSnap S1300 Deluxe and specifically Rack2-Filer is only available for Windows operating systems. Rack2-Filer can also be purchased as a stand-alone product.

Multiple Power Connections

ScanSnap S1300 can be operated over A/C power supply and if A/C sources are unavailable, the scanner can also run on USB bus power by simply hooking it up to a personal computer. This allows for true mobile scanning of paper documents, receipts, bills, invoices and business cards - anytime, anywhere.

Klaus Schulz, Manager Product Marketing EMEA, PFU Imaging Solutions notes; "Building upon the success of the existing ScanSnap range, the S1300 provides an excellent service to any business or home user needing to scan documents in either Mac or Windows environments – or both. In addition to its size, one-touch interface and the fact that it can also be run off a USB port, the S1300 is a truly versatile, mobile scanner that can deliver high quality images in the office, in the home and on the move."


ScanSnap S1300 has a net RRP of €259 / £225/ $363. The ScanSnap S1300 Deluxe has a net RRP of € 329/ £286 / $461. Both scanner packages are available in all EMEA markets.

About PFU Limited

PFU Limited, a subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited, is a $1 billion global enterprise that designs, develops, manufactures and markets globally computer hardware, peripheral products, enterprise software and systems. PFU Limited has been engaged in document imaging scanner business over 20 years.

About PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited

Operating in Europe / Middle East / Africa, PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited is a market- leading provider of document image scanners for professional desktop, workgroup and high volume production environments; biometric authentication sensors and dot-matrix printers. Established in the United Kingdom in 1981, PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited, a subsidiary of PFU Limited (Japan), has its head office in the UK with subsidiaries in Germany and Italy.

PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited

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Company:PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited

Date: 02 March, 2010