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Fujitsu Data Center Management & Automation monitors AOK’s holistic IT infrastructure

"With the Fujitsu DCMA as a centralized monitoring solution, we can monitor all of our systems at once. This saves time and means we can be much more proactive. There have already been a number of occasions where we have been able to intervene before a problem leads to a breakdown or near miss "

Klaus Mayer, AOK Joint Data Center Bremen/Lower Saxony

The customer

AOK has been one of Germany’s largest health insurance companies for over 130 years, focusing on creating a feeling of security for its customers and ensuring that they have access to comprehensive medical care should they fall ill. The AOK (Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse, General Public Health Insurance) covers around 24 million people, almost a third of the German population. With an approximate market share of 35 percent, AOK is one of the largest companies in the statutory health insurance sector. AOK branches, in the states of Bremen and Lower Saxony, have merged their IT systems so that they can offer employees and members a more efficient service. The ARGE AOK-Rechenzentrum Bremen/Niedersachsen (AOK Joint Data Center Bremen/Lower Saxony) has its headquarters in Hannover and hosts data and applications for the AOK sites in these two states.

The challenge

Consolidate various monitoring solutions to make the processes for monitoring the AOK Joint Data Center in Bremen/Lower Saxony more efficient and proactive.

The solution

Fujitsu Data Center Management & Automation (DCMA) targeted to monitor the heterogeneous system landscapes, including permanent status monitoring, storage and performance management.

The benefit

  • Centralized, standardized monitoring for its heterogeneous IT environment
  • Consolidation of various isolated solutions
  • Saving time on monitoring large data centers
  • High availability due to proactive and efficient monitoring


Read the full AOK case study (468 KB/A4, 2 pages)