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Responsible Business

"As the role of IT becomes more pervasive in everyday life Fujitsu remains committed to making a positive impact to the society in which we operate. This commitment to responsible business, embodied in our ongoing Responsible Business program, remains at the heart of our long term strategy."

Duncan Tait Corporate Executive Office and SEVP, Head of EMEIA and Americas, Fujitsu

Our Approach & the Fujitsu Way

Across Fujitsu globally we recognise that when implemented correctly and genuinely, responsible and ethical behaviours create shared value. Responsible Business has been a substantial part of the Fujitsu Way (our corporate philosophy) since its inception, and therefore to our company DNA. It is genuine and longstanding, and our practice has been recognised and applauded externally in many benchmarks and indices

Our approach, and framework, outlined below, fully aligns to our global policy and vision of President Tanaka

Our European Framework

Responsible practices are driven across the entire company, from protecting intellectual property rights and enforcing our human rights policy to encouraging all employees to get involved with community action projects. Our responsible business pillars – Environment, Community Involvement & Development, Diversity & Inclusion, Wellbeing and Operating Practices - are the foundation for our country level strategy whilst defining common themes across Fujitsu.

Our customers

Fujitsu is taking a leadership role, proactively pursuing our goals across our entire global value chain, with customers, partners and suppliers. We want to work with organisations who share our values and collaborate to make positive change. We continue to respond to social and environmental challenges by increasing sustainable ICT products and solutions and developing innovative technologies which reduce the environmental impact of our customers' businesses.

Activities in South Africa

In South Africa we ensure we separate various waste types for recycling thus avoiding as much as possible items going into landfills. We recycle old IT equipment, glass, paper, batters and other substances, including our new fluorescent tube recycling program. We are not just reactive, but proactive – looking to reduce our use in the first instance, for example, we have meter controls to support electricity consumption savings, our office lights are on motion detection activation, so when the office is vacant, the lights go off. All our employees take part in mandatory environmental protection web based training, ensuring they are able to support our corporate values.
Our current community work focuses on The Little Rose Centre, our employee elected corporate charity partner. The Little Rose Centre provides services for vulnerable children in Kliptown Soweto, one of the poorest communities of Johannesburg South Africa. Due to poverty and poor living conditions, the community faces many challenges, amongst others, high unemployment. We offer short term support such as running donation drives and fundraising, but look to support Little Rose in more sustainable ways, such as installing a Computer Centre which has enabled learning and supports the search for employment.
Diversity and Inclusion
In South Africa we have created an Employment Equity Committee. This group reviews the appointment of new staff against the Employment Equity plan and reviews and monitors the training that has taken place compared to skills development plans. We continually work within the guidelines of the BEE audit and our scores and performance are consistent and we take our score and recommendations seriously.
Careways is South Africa’s leading provider of Employee Wellness Programmes and our current provider. Services available to employees cover counselling, legal, financial and health information.  They look to proactively promote wellness that delivers higher productivity and readiness with reduced absenteeism and lower staff turnover. To greater engage our people; we hold Town Talks on a quarterly basis with all employees. Here our MD addresses updates on our financial results, issues and most importantly, recognising and rewarding employee for going that extra mile, H.E.R.O.E.S Awards.
Operating Practices
We ensure all employees participate in the mandatory Fujitsu training. This ensures our colleagues support live our company values. Training ranges from compliance, anticorruption, environmental protection, information security and so on.


“Responsible Business is just that, the responsibility to the community we operate in and around, the environment and our ethical standing in the greater business world. With South Africa recently reporting a 27.1% unemployment figure, our focus has been more to the community aspect of Responsible Business, but not neglecting other key pillars, as this is always part of what we do. With the donation of the Fujitsu Computer Centre, which is onsite at Little Rose Centre, we are enabling the children as well as the greater community of Kliptown Soweto to develop and grow. This centre gives the local community access to the internet, CAMI educational software, a library and a place of study. We also monitor the education progress of the 40 children living at Little Rose and the community who use the facility thus ensuring their education and knowledge growth.  Fujitsu continues to participate in various aspects of fundraising for Little Rose as well as running and maintaining the Fujitsu Computer Centre”

Hannes Burger, Managing Director Fujitsu South Africa