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Retail Applications

Software from Fujitsu delivers in-store transaction and customer relationship functionality and enables companies to minimize the time, cost and risk of creating real-time interoperability between disparate applications and devices.

A "store systems" approach to creating retailing interoperability can only be achieved with the right combination of engineering know-how to fully exploit the five key technologies necessary to integrate this complex mix of multi-vendor devices, applications and platforms.

Fujitsu gives you the tools you need to more effectively service customers in today's retailing environment. From core in-store PoS and CRM to corporate marketing and dashboard applications, our software provides the right information at the right time to help make every customer interaction more valuable

Fujitsu Retail Solution Market Place

Announced at NRF in New York, 13th of January 2014, FUJITSU Retail Solution Market Place is the new omni-channel Point of Service (PoS) application that allows retailers to significantly increase revenue while reducing IT costs. FUJITSU Market Place achieves this by supporting enterprise-wide transaction and order fulfillment to deliver a consistent and seamless buying experience to your customers across traditional point of service, online and mobile channels.

Fujitsu Retail Suite

Our suite of retail applications provides an integrated solution for the PoS and the back office.
Apart from the leading application GlobalSTORE® for the checkout area, the suite provides extensive capabilities for managing customer data (Loyalty / CRM), as well as product exchange operations.
Centralized Data Management ensures consistent information.
It reduces the time, risk and cost of interoperability between disparate applications and devices from multiple vendors on multiple platforms.

Retail Business Analytics

Sales + Marketing Module: Business Intelligence that can be inserted quickly and economically delivers results.
Loss Prevention Module: With 10 years of loss prevention experience, we help you discover manipulations directly and sustainably reduce inventory discrepancies.